I apologize

I have not taken any pictures. Alex left for Indiana Thursday and I’ve been missing him every since. He will come home hopefully tonight!!

We got a lot of snow yesterday. I would estimate about 4 or more inches. So obviously my workout was done in the gym. I did 3 miles @ 8:20 pace and had to stop because I got this chest pain. I’ve been getting it a lot and it’s very upsetting.

Today I have to do 5 miles. I was supposed to race tomorrow but since the weather was bad, I didn’t go home. So I’m basically MIA in that series because I missed 2 out of the 5 races. Hopefully that still qualifies me for something and hopefully they will send it to me?

Oh well. I mainly signed up for that one because of the sweet asics jacket and long sleeve.

Exciting News!

I might be double majoring with Family Consumer Science Education and also Dietetics. I have a lot of nutrition classes and the one that really sparked my interest was Sports Nutrition. I absolutely love it! Last semester my nutrition teacher stated how she started as a FACS teacher and then went into Dietetics. So I sent her an email asking about it and how I could do the same. She’s absolutely thrilled and said that not only will Dietetics be a good backup but it will broaden the things I can teach if I decide to make teaching my first priority. She said I would be able to teach science and health as well as the cooking and family classes. Which we all know helps a lot since most schools only have about 2 FACS teachers.

What I plan on doing?

After college I would love to move to colorado. I’ve never been but the thought of running at altitude and raising my kids at altitude gives all kinds of advantages for runners! Not that I’ll force my kids to run…but I hope they will grow up loving it. I want to either teach or be a registered dietician. I think I’d want to start being an RD to rack up some money and then once it becomes time to settle down and have children, I would move to teaching so I can be home with my kids when they are home and also have the same breaks like summer break! 😀


What are your goals for the future?


today’s running

today the BF alex and I did 4.1 miles together and I added .9 on the indoor track while he did some strides after our run outside.

mile 1:     8:11

mile 2:     8:52

mile 3:     8:32

mile 4:    8:41

.1:                :43

.9:             7:53

then I found some pictures taken of me from the frostbite series.

alex and I

the 5k in the snow, but I got a new PR! It was single digit temperatures that day.

end of the 4mile race, new PR’s in bot the 5k mark in this race and the 4 mile. my legs look really good here hahaha.

excuse the grossness in the last few pictures…they were taken at the very end of the race.


I have random eats from a few days ago, but it’s my usual lunch/dinner hah. Excuse the poor quality pictures. I can’t seem to find my camera.

cheesy tater tots and a hot dog 🙂

strawberry yogurt with granola.

Then here are yesterday’s pictures from our rearrangement of our room!!

Now yesterday’s snack was:

Yes I am too lazy to rotate the picture 🙂

And this:

And we got buffalo wild wings last night and I ordered the Chicken Finger Wrap with ranch. Here is my leftovers that will be my lunch for today!

yumm!! And today’s snack before my run with the BF

Yesterday I ran 6 miles. I started out on the dreadmill but after 2 miles @ 8:20 pace I just realized I really wanted to run outside even if it was cold and sleeting.

Mile 1: 8:01
Mile 2: 8:21(up the big hill on sprigg right before lexington)
Mile 3: 7:50
Mile 4: 7:52

Yes, that was a fast workout and my legs hurt incredibly bad after especially because it was my 2nd day in new shoes.

I have to go now because I have a 5 miler with the BF Alex before he heads to an indoor track meet for the weekend.

More later!!

quick post!

Don’t worry, I promise to have the pictures up later today! I’m getting ready to head to the rec center because it’s real cold outside and because I’m sick I don’t think those two are a good combination. So yes, I will be doing a dreadfull 6 miles on the dreadmill!!!

I just wanted to post because I have jumped on the bandwagon and would love to hear people’s questions if anyone has any! I love answering questions 🙂

So really…go ahead and ask me anything!

hope your day is going well! I will have a busy day today! Rec center, reading, possible dinner with Alex’s family, Mike Rowe (guy from dirty jobs). So hopefully I will have another post later tonight!!

how exciting

My roommate and I wanted to change our room around because we both like change and rearranging furniture. We both really like the turn out, but you all will have to wait!! I’ll take pictures and post later.

Today I have to run 6 miles. I have to hit another 30 miles for the week and it might be hard because we are supposed to get ice and snow storms starting tomorrow. I can’t wait for nice weather again. I love tank top and shorts weather for running.

So Alex and I’s one year is coming up on the good ole Valentine’s Day. I’m getting really excited to know what he got me!!


What are your plans for valentines day?


How do you celebrate anniversaries?

I’m so boring

You know what? I’ve never had any kind of butter besides peanut butter. When I say this I mean butter such as almond butter(which I am dying to try but it’s so expensive).

😦 Why does good food have to be expensive? I don’t have money for good food. Some days I hope that I will get a package full of goodies, but I know that won’t happen and that makes me sad. ha.

I’m really boring and to tell you the truth all I did today was play Nancy Drew hahahaha. Those games are addicting when you have free time and nothing to do. Obviously today was my day off from running.

Tomorrow my day goes like this:

sports nutrition

lifecycle nutrition

run 4 miles

eat lunch


read textbooks


I love food and really wish I had better food. If anyone would like to send me some stuff to try, I’d be one happy camper!! I kind of think it’d be cool to have a penpal or few. I miss those, especially sending cute little gifts.

I used to have a penpal that my mom hooked me up with. We would always send really long letters and pictures as well as sweet stickers. Stickers were the cool thing back when I was young hah, who am I kidding, I still am young. I may be 19 and turning 20 in august, but I feel like I’m still young like 15 or 16. 😀

I hope everyone is having a good day and maybe someone will respond to this wonderful but dull post and want to be snail mail buddies.


I’ve gotten insanely sick. At least my sore throat is gone, but now I’m having stuffy/runny nose and constantly hot.

Drove back to school today and when I got back I did a 5.3 run.

mile 1: 8:10
mile 2: 8:49
mile 3: 8:44
mile 4: 8:40
mile 5: 8:35
.3: 2:01

I was really surprised by these numbers since my legs are incredibly sore. I ran 30 miles for the week which is a new personal distance for the week!

I hope to have more detailed posts but in all honesty I haven’t done anything exciting. I always forget to take pictures of what I eat and all I do is run and go to school. I’m a boring person. hah.

Hope everyone had a good day! Talk to you tomorrow!

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