day 1 of biking

Alex and I went biking for the first time on our new road bikes. I didn’t fall, but I did get injured! 😦

Haha I was stopping and when I put my leg down to climb off my bike, it caught my foot under the chain and fell on me scraping my leg on the way down.

We road for 9 miles but I forgot to turn my garmin on and off so it only has 5 miles calculated. Don’t worry, I’ll have better stats later on! Today was a day just to get comfortable with the bike and on the way back I started actually riding faster and being more comfortable. I do however need padded bike shorts because my rear is screaming!!!



Ran an 8 mile long run today. Started off to be just a 3 mile run, since Sunday’s are my long run, but it was so beautiful out that I just added on 5 miles. Alex and I are going to ride our bikes tomorrow and possibly swim!

mile 1: 8:25
mile 2: 8:42
mile 3: 8:17
mile 4: 8:16
mile 5: 8:34
mile 6: 8:15
mile 7: 8:14
mile 8: 8:12

My legs are in so much pain right now. Probably after doing a hard tempo yesterday and then a fast 8 miler @ 8:17 pace.

I am pooped!! The Track team placed 2nd in Conference and are probably having a party tonight according to Alex, so we’ll probably stop by. Which means I will probably take a nap because I am tired and they aren’t even getting home from the meet until like 9:30 or 10!

I’m really thankful for the surgery I had last year. Without it I would not have been able to do my run today, in fact I might not even be able to run at all! Definitely one of the best things I’ve had done in my life and I don’t regret a thing. I do regret not getting it fixed sooner so maybe I would have been on the cross/track team here at school, but it just gives me something to work hard for and every run I do I push myself even harder knowing I am working for something.

i’m back!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments πŸ˜€ I’m feeling a letter better. This week I’ve been in one of those funks where you just don’t want to do anything, even if it is fun. So I didn’t read blogs, I didn’t blog, I didn’t really use the internet. I basically ate, ran and slept the whole week, with homework thrown in the mix.

well I guess I’ll catch you up on the running, since that’s the biggest part of my life!


I had a 6 miler planned. Of course I ran a little extra and ended with 6.06

mile 1: 8:22
mile 2: 8:45
mile 3: 8:24
mile 4: 8:06
mile 5: 8:19
mile 6: 8:10

Thursday: Had a 4 miler planned. Ended up going 4.42 because it was just so beautiful out!! It was also supposed to be an easy pace and since I have trouble running slow, especially on nice days, I took my camera on my favorite run. πŸ˜€

This blue house makes me laugh and that dog chases me all the time!!

mile 1: 8:23
mile 2: 9.18
mile 3: 8:25
mile 4: 8:10
mile 4.42 3:28

Friday: planned 1 mile warm up, 20 min tempo @ 7:45-7:55 pace, 1 mile cool down. Ended up running tempo @ 7:38 pace.

1 mile warmup @ 9min
20 min tempo: mile 1 @ 7:25
mile 2 @ 7:42
.62 @ 3:55
1 mile cooldown @ 8:52


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not feeling good

No post tonight, I’ll catch everyone up tomorrow. My stomach isn’t feeling so good and I’m just incredibly tired. So I plan on just napping and watching movies/tv.

I do however want to fix a review!!!

The Green Machine Naked Smoothie is actually really good!! I tried the rest today after my run because I was really thirsty and wanted something fruity. Definitely could taste a hint of the spinach/wheat grass etc, but it wasn’t bad at all!! πŸ˜€ So definitely try it if you have the chance. It has good nutritional value!



For breakfast I had a few handfuls of wheaties fuel. Definitely incredible and very good for a pre-workout. My sports nutrition teacher let us sample this in class a few weeks ago so I emailed Wheaties asking if I actually get my own box to sample. I’m real curious to see how it tastes in milk!!

Very cinnamon-y! MMM NOM NOM!


For lunch I tried a “pizza fold” it was ranch chicken and then I got a platter of fruit. YUM


Run 6 miles

Start on EN140 Paper

Get caught up on some TV

Mentally think about what qualities I’ll “bring to the table” as an RA

Get bondi band together in envelope and mail it off!!! πŸ˜€


So for Alex and I’s one year/valentine’s day (same day) I got him a board game. It was a create your own monopoly. I spent a lot of time thinking of things to put on the board, printing it out and assembling. We finally played!!

Was definitely a fun game! So if you are looking for a gift idea that is inexpensive, check it out.


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Q & A:

I received my first real question on Formspring!!

1. Do you peel your banana from the top or the bottom?

Definitely from the top. My top is where the stub is, where some people hold on to that and peel from the other end. I have done that but it’s easier for me to open from the long part!! πŸ™‚

Thanks for the question, it made my day!!!

Ask me more!!

happy tuesday!


My breakfast today wasn’t completely healthy! I tried out Newman’s Own Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies last night and they were so delicious, I had them for breakfast this morning!!! You need to check out Newman’s Own Organic products because they are all so delicious!! [Reviews at bottom of post]

The down side of these cookies is that they are small, but that can also be a good thing too!! It was a downside for me because I ended up eatingΒ  A LOT of them!!

The cookies are hard, but crumble in your mouth, so not rock hard that it hurts your teeth. The chocolate chips are so chocolatey and they are melt in your mouth goodness!! The thing I liked most about these cookies is that they had a salty taste and I like my cookies to have a hint of salt. MMM NOM NOM NOM


Love the Saucony ads so much!!!

Yes you read right! I ran before lunch today. My roommate had to go down to the river for a field trip and didn’t know anyone in her class really, so I offered to walk down with her. The river is about 1.25 miles away, so I walked her down and waited until her teacher got there. Then I ran to the hill (2miles) and did 2.5 miles worth of hill repeats on a .25 mile long hill. Then did a 1.3 mile cooldown back to school. It felt pretty good!


Tasty 6in tuna on wheat bread!!! With a strawberry banana v8 fusion. I absolutely love all of their flavors! They are just so good!


I get to relax today, so i’ve been attempting to watch “Princess” from ABC family on, but it’s having to buffer a lot so I’ve been taking breaks.

He is so good looking, plus she is pretty! Of course that makes a semi decent movie πŸ™‚


Newman’s Own Organics has come out with a signature chocolate. They have multiple flavors, but I chose to review the regular milk chocolate flavor first! Alex and I both tried it and split the bar in half. It comes with 6 good size squares of chocolate in each bar. The only thing we could say after putting a piece into our mouth was “mmmmmmmm!!!!!!” It was so good that I wanted to savor every piece so I just had one and saved the rest for later!!! You must try!

I then tried the pretzels!! Very tasty!! These were good because they weren’t very salty. You still had a hint of salt on each pretzel but it wasn’t overwhelming. I liked that a lot. They also didn’t make your mouth dry at all, which is different from other pretzels that make you thirsty. It’s probably the salt!

The alphabet cookies you all are more familiar with. I don’t have a picture, but I had the cinnamon graham cookies and they were absolutely delicious as well. I seriously am in love with Newman’s Own Organics because I haven’t had one product of theres that I didn’t like!!


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Q: Do you ever get homesick? —- I’m real homesick right now, it feels I haven’t been home in forever and it’s only been a little over a week. I guess because I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to come home will be. Hopefully next weekend.

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