For breakfast I had a few handfuls of wheaties fuel. Definitely incredible and very good for a pre-workout. My sports nutrition teacher let us sample this in class a few weeks ago so I emailed Wheaties asking if I actually get my own box to sample. I’m real curious to see how it tastes in milk!!

Very cinnamon-y! MMM NOM NOM!


For lunch I tried a “pizza fold” it was ranch chicken and then I got a platter of fruit. YUM


Run 6 miles

Start on EN140 Paper

Get caught up on some TV

Mentally think about what qualities I’ll “bring to the table” as an RA

Get bondi band together in envelope and mail it off!!! šŸ˜€


So for Alex and I’s one year/valentine’s day (same day) I got him a board game. It was a create your own monopoly. I spent a lot of time thinking of things to put on the board, printing it out and assembling. We finally played!!

Was definitely a fun game! So if you are looking for a gift idea that is inexpensive, check it out.


Don’t forget my snacktaxi giveaway here

It will end March 8th, so you have lots of time to enter!!

Q & A:

I received my first real question on Formspring!!

1. Do you peel your banana from the top or the bottom?

Definitely from the top. My top is where the stub is, where some people hold on to that and peel from the other end. I have done that but it’s easier for me to open from the long part!! šŸ™‚

Thanks for the question, it made my day!!!

Ask me more!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. kbwood
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 15:57:28

    your pizza fold looks GREAT!!!
    def peel from the top girl!


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