i’m back!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments πŸ˜€ I’m feeling a letter better. This week I’ve been in one of those funks where you just don’t want to do anything, even if it is fun. So I didn’t read blogs, I didn’t blog, I didn’t really use the internet. I basically ate, ran and slept the whole week, with homework thrown in the mix.

well I guess I’ll catch you up on the running, since that’s the biggest part of my life!


I had a 6 miler planned. Of course I ran a little extra and ended with 6.06

mile 1: 8:22
mile 2: 8:45
mile 3: 8:24
mile 4: 8:06
mile 5: 8:19
mile 6: 8:10

Thursday: Had a 4 miler planned. Ended up going 4.42 because it was just so beautiful out!! It was also supposed to be an easy pace and since I have trouble running slow, especially on nice days, I took my camera on my favorite run. πŸ˜€

This blue house makes me laugh and that dog chases me all the time!!

mile 1: 8:23
mile 2: 9.18
mile 3: 8:25
mile 4: 8:10
mile 4.42 3:28

Friday: planned 1 mile warm up, 20 min tempo @ 7:45-7:55 pace, 1 mile cool down. Ended up running tempo @ 7:38 pace.

1 mile warmup @ 9min
20 min tempo: mile 1 @ 7:25
mile 2 @ 7:42
.62 @ 3:55
1 mile cooldown @ 8:52


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It ends march 8th!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Allyson
    Feb 28, 2010 @ 09:31:51

    I’m green with envy right now. My area also has beautiful places to run but everything is covered by a foot of snow!

    Glad you’re feeling better!


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