Here’s the rundown

Alright, yesterday I had two banana nut bread muffins that my dad made over the weekend. Still tasty, but not as good as when they first come out.

I had a piece of pizza and a strawberry granola yogurt for lunch.


I then ate some grapes before I went to the rec center. It was raining all day and megan got sick last time she ran in the rain. We did a mile on the treadmill. I decided to give it another shot. Treadmills should not get second chances. My leg muscles hurt sooo bad. We wanted to do some bike but they were all taken. So we did the 9 laps around the track to get in a mile.

I ran a mile on the treadmill at a casual 9:21 and not sure how fast the one of the track was, since I didn’t have a watch.

I came back from running and had cheese and crackers. So tasty. Then Alex and I went to dinner where I got a Chicken Ranch Flatbread and some chocolate milk for protein to refuel after running.


I miss my dog graham very much. I found some pictures of him while looking through my computer. I thought I’d share. Especially since winter is approaching!


He likes to lay on top of the couch.


Or at the edge of the recliner.


his favorite toys are golfballs and hates when they roll under the couch. He also like to give a snarl like Elvis. You can kind of see it here.


He LOVES snow, especially sticking his head down in it.


He can get pretty shaggy.


This was when he was little!!


So cute!!!


And my old dog misty!! RIP 😦


October 28th

Well let’s see. This morning I woke up to go to my 7am class but wasn’t feeling well and was really tired so I skipped my very first class because I knew we were just finishing the chapter and he just reads word for word in the book. I ended up emailing him and he told me it was a good idea that I skipped class and that I was a very good student so I didn’t miss anything and that we will review for the test on friday. I went to my nutrition class at 8 and got my test back which I did horrible on. I got a 64% on it. That section was really hard and a lot of information to learn. I didn’t eat any breakfast, well I tried this oatmeal but it didn’t really have much taste to it. I’ll probably get a banana at lunch sometime to add to it so I don’t waste the rest of the box.

Lunch consisted of a tuna sandwich and this incredible yogurt with granola…I’m in love. I’ve definitely been convinced how good yogurt and granola are and will definitely add it to my diet. Of course I had some powerade to go with it.


After lunch I took a much needed nap. It was a good 30 minute powernap and I felt completely refreshed. I decided to create my own planner out of a journal alex gave me, so that I would have more space to write my assignments and running stuff as well.

At 4pm I met with the running club to run. Only 3 people showed up and it was all guys. We decided to go exploring a different area of Cape we had never gone before. They just wanted to do an easy 30 minute run so we all ran together. When they had a few minutes to get back by 30 minutes I told them I needed to do some more. I think we were only at 3.something when they left to head back and I needed a total of 5 miles. So I did 3 laps on the track and headed back. Great run, very amusing.


warmup: .47

time: 3:52

run: 4.67 miles

time: 41:23

calories burned: 507

Average pace: 8:51 minutes/mile

After the run alex and I got dinner at towers. I wasn’t too hungry so I ate two pieces of cheese pizza and didn’t eat the crust. I had a few grapes and half a chocolate milk mixed with 2% milk.


Now I am off to write a paper for my Sports in the Movies class and read some of my book “50/50.”

I have 4 miles planned for tomorrow. Here’s an ad I found. I love the saucony ads so much.


October 27th

Today was a pretty lazy day. Had my development of the adolescent class from 9:30 to 10:45 and my sports in the movies class from 11-12:15. Then my relationships in the 21st century class from 1-2:15 however we got done at 1:25. Ate lunch then I took a really long nap because I didn’t sleep very well last night because my knees were in pain. When I woke up it was time for dinner. Dinner was actually pretty decent tonight. Then I came back to the room and watched Friends with Alex and Amanda and then they both left and I did some core and now I am here. I will probably work on some homework that’s due at the end of the week and possibly read some more of my book “50/50”


For breakfast I had a banana nut bread muffin and a half. For my snack during my sports in the movies class I had my cheese and multi grain club crackers. I gave my grapes to Alex because he didn’t have time to get lunch before his next class and was hungry.

For lunch I had half of a cheeseburger and some cheesy tator tots. I didn’t take a picture because I forgot.

Dinner was Chicken Gyro and some Chili.


It was pretty good but the chicken was not as good as the lamb gyros that I usually eat. But I do love that cucumber sauce. He may have put a little too much on because it fell off and the pita ripped when I tried to fold it in half 😦

I took the day off running because it was pouring down rain. I figured it would be good to give my legs a rest since they were screaming at me last night. This means I can’t have any more days off.

News of the Day

Had a meeting with my nutrition teacher today at 2:20. We met because I had emailed her about how I didn’t like vegetables and never have and how I was wondering what I could eat or consume really to get the nutritional value that vegetables give you.

She basically told me that there are a small group of women who are thin like I am and are called Supertasters. How they dislike vegetables and can’t stand their taste. She said that I can eat fruit and be fine as long as I don’t have diabetes because the fruit has so much more sugar than vegetables do. She gave some great tips on what I can do to add vegetables without even knowing they are there such as grating carrots into a chili or spaghetti sauce so that they are so small and get cooked in that you can’t taste them. She also said she would like me to take a multivitamin because not only will that help supply me with some of the vitamins that vegetables give but that it also has calcium and another nutrient that is good for ladies in their childbearing years and said it’d be a good idea to take one.

Megan couldn’t run today so I ended up doing the run by myself. My knees hurt real bad as well as my ankles but after mile 3 I zoned out, which is usual. I’m definitely built for longer distances that’s for sure. I love doing longer runs, it’s so relaxing. I just wish there were more “safe” areas to run alone.

Right now I’m just relaxing in bed. I’m thinking about doing core and watching some One Tree Hill.

At 9 we have pumpkin decorating for our floor. Hopefully that’s fun, otherwise I’ll just come back to the room.

See you tomorrow!

Foods for the Day

For breakfast I had a banana nut bread muffin that my daddy made over the weekend. It was delicious.


Lunch consisted of fried macaroni and half of a gatorade. I got the yogurt but haven’t eaten it yet. I thought it might be a good breakfast for tomorrow.


Then after my run I already told you I had a luna bar and some powerade.

Dinner was disgusting cafeteria food. I got a piece of cheese pizza, one small quesadilla and chicken fettucini. Yes, lots of white. I ended up eating two bites of the pasta, a few bites of the quesadilla and the piece of pizza without the end crust. Not a very good dinner.  Very upsetting.


Run for the Day

Run: 4.94 miles

Time: 45:29

Elevation Gain: 588 feet

Calories Burned: 543

Average Pace: 9:12 min/mile


Refueled with half of a powerade and a luna bar


Then I iced my ankles and knees


Plans for the day!

Let’s see, today is a lazy day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s I finish class at 8:50am. My Sport in Society class goes from 7-7:50 and my Nutrition class goes from 8-8:50 and then I’m done.


Go to Walmart with roommate Amanda to buy a birthday present, return lotion and buy some groceries.

Go to Barnes and Noble and look at their running books and nutrition/cookbooks

Run with Megan at 4pm

Pumpkin decorating and movie for our dorm floor at 9pm

I’ll definitely blog and have more pictures.

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