Here’s the rundown

Alright, yesterday I had two banana nut bread muffins that my dad made over the weekend. Still tasty, but not as good as when they first come out.

I had a piece of pizza and a strawberry granola yogurt for lunch.


I then ate some grapes before I went to the rec center. It was raining all day and megan got sick last time she ran in the rain. We did a mile on the treadmill. I decided to give it another shot. Treadmills should not get second chances. My leg muscles hurt sooo bad. We wanted to do some bike but they were all taken. So we did the 9 laps around the track to get in a mile.

I ran a mile on the treadmill at a casual 9:21 and not sure how fast the one of the track was, since I didn’t have a watch.

I came back from running and had cheese and crackers. So tasty. Then Alex and I went to dinner where I got a Chicken Ranch Flatbread and some chocolate milk for protein to refuel after running.


I miss my dog graham very much. I found some pictures of him while looking through my computer. I thought I’d share. Especially since winter is approaching!


He likes to lay on top of the couch.


Or at the edge of the recliner.


his favorite toys are golfballs and hates when they roll under the couch. He also like to give a snarl like Elvis. You can kind of see it here.


He LOVES snow, especially sticking his head down in it.


He can get pretty shaggy.


This was when he was little!!


So cute!!!


And my old dog misty!! RIP 😦


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