Summer Reads

Runner’s Rule Book by Mark Remy


The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin


I Run, Therefore I am Nuts by Bob Schwartz


Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer


Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert



Those are a few books I plan to read in my days to come. Probably won’t finish them all during summer, but we’ll see.

Q: What books do you want to read?

Things that make me happy

– not having class
– going home tomorrow
– having one project basically finished



Summer Eats

Alright, so I owe you guys a lot of posts! Yesterday was supposed to be Summer Eats so we’ll pretend like it’s yesterday!

First we’ll recap


Captain Crunch Oops! All berries cereal!



Turkey and swiss x two!! I had a footlong 🙂




mile 1: 8:42

mile 2: 8:58

mile 3: 8:41


Post Run


Did core work, stretched and iced

P4200002 P4200006

and ate pineapple



Ate at applebee’s and had some quesadillas, spinach artichoke dip and 3 cheese penne. Then I spent some time in the bathroom when we got back from food poisoning I presume.

Summer Eats


Alright here are some things I want to make/eat over the summer.

– Smoothies and lots of them
– Homemade granola bars for recovery runs (similar to luna bars) I want to find a cheaper alternative.
– Good meals for recovery and pre running (need your suggestions)
– Lots and lots of fruit

This Summer series is really for suggestions from readers! So give me some good recipes for good runner’s meals! 🙂



Sorry my posts haven’t been very detailed. But I promise to take the summer series and go into more detail once I get suggestions and actually have a set plan of action for what the summer will consist of! I’ll share the recipes and ideas from everyone as well!

I’ve just been really busy with school since it’s coming to a close and school comes first! But once school is over and after I do some traveling then I’ll be all yours and running of course!


A Bag of Trix here
Amazing Grass here

Need some positive thinking? Go here


Yesterday on my formspring I was asked …..

What bands do you listen to?

“Oh man, my music taste is all over the place. For running I listen to upbeat music, usually catchy tunes from the radio so I don’t get bored. Favorite band of all time is Copeland. Love John Mayer too! Mayday Parade, Parachute, Taylor Swift, Jack’s Mannequin, Ghosts & Vodka, Breathe Carolina, Never Shout Never….I could go on and on!”

Stay tuned in the future and I’ll show you my running playlist 🙂


Things that make me happy

– Almost being done with school
– Alex is recovering fast
– Getting my hair cut this weekend
– Possibly working 3 hours on Friday to make a quick $30.


Summer Races

This is the first day of the Summer Weekly Posts. If you missed those, check them out here.

First off, we’ll talk about my day!



P4180063 P4180065

 Alright so my black font is not cooperating, so how’s this colorful post looking? Obviously breakfast was MaraNatha Peanut Butter on a Thomas brand Bagel. NOMNOMNOM!




Soup and a salad? Oh wow is this black or is it dark green font? Not sure. But I had a turkey and swiss sandwich and chicken noodle soup.



Guess what came today!!!!



Asics Gel Cumulus 12!!!! Yeah aren’t they pretty!! I wore them on my run today!! 🙂


Greetings from LOLA!!! 🙂

Ran with Megan today. Nice and easy run.


Post Run


Did core work and ate pineapples.


As well as stretched and rolled my legs out.




Two small tacos and 2 pieces of pizza. I know, what a dinner of champions!!!!


Also tried hummus for the first time! This kind didn’t have any taste and kind of had the texture of bean dip. I guess I’ll have to try some with flavor.



Dairy Queen has a buy one blizzard at regular price, get one for 25 cents. So of course Alex and I took advantage of that!! I got mocha chip, he got cookie dough.

I treated because well….Alex is on crutches and hurt his ankle real bad. Recovery could be 4 weeks, therefore ending his outdoor season (which he’s waited all year for.) What’s even worse is that he’s been running so well and was feeling strong all last week and was ready to break 4 minutes for the 1500. 😦 Poor guy. Needless to say he is not a happy camper and I’ve had to take care of him the last two days and carry his food and open doors etc for him.


Summer Races


Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of races posted up for this summer yet. At least not enough information. But here are the plans for the summer.

Road Race 5k
Road or Grass 10k
XC kickoff 5k on grass
Mackland Mile

That is the extent of my summer racing. I don’t want to race a lot because I want to stay fresh for the cross country season since I am walking on the team! But I also want to have an idea where my 5k’s are, both road and grass. Same with the 10k since Coach has a goal for me to be a 10k runner in track. Crazy, right? About 25 laps on a track! I’m pretty excited though.

Then there’s the Mackland mile which alex did last year and I really wanted to join him. So I’m doing it this year. It’s basically a mile straight downhill for the most part. So it’ll be a pretty awesome time. It’s also on the 4th of July which makes it even cooler.


Q: What summer races do you have planned?

Q: What running shoes do you run in?


Things that make me happy

– New shoes
– The fact that all my laundry is clean
– That even though alex isn’t racing, I get to spend more time with my family saturday
– Knowing that I mean a lot to Alex and am able to help him manage
– Yummy pineapple


A few changes will be made!

So I think this week will have a theme. Since summertime is approaching quite quickly, it’s time to start getting excited!!

Monday: Summer Races
Tuesday: Summer Eats
Wednesday: Summer Reads
Thursday: Summer Activities
Friday: Summer Changes to Blog

Summer Races
Obviously will talk about some race ideas for the summer.

Summer Eats
Will take requests on what you’d like to see me eating. Also will have a list of things I want to try over the summer.

Summer Reads
Books I want to finish over the summer. I’ll have lots of time 🙂 Will also take suggestions

Summer Activities
Will share what things I will be doing over the summer.

Summer Changes to Blog
Will take requests on things you’d like to see happen over the summer. Whether blog related, or just things in general you want me to try out.


Things happening this week:

Will start documenting food again.
Will have a training plan again
Will challenge you to challenge me!

Challenge you to challenge me!

I think each week I will accept a challenge/challenges from you guys. Whether it’s a challenge for the blog on what you’d like to see, or a challenge physical like doing so many pushups/crunches a week. Or try more yoga etc. Anything you’d like me to do and I will see what I can do! 🙂 So send in your challenges or ideas of things you want me to do!


almond milk here

Things that make me happy

– Thinking about summer
– Having bagels again to eat for breakfast
– My lovely readers and their comments