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my email: snthierry@gmail.com, I enjoy free swag.

I’m Samantha Thierry and I’m 19 years old. I attend Southeast Missouri State University. My life is all about running and I love it. I’m currently training for a half marathon on April 11th 2010 as well as training to walk on SEMO’s cross country team next year. I am majoring in Dietetics at SEMO and hope to be a sports dietitian.

I ran cross country all four years of highschool, however it was a rough four years. I had shin problems my whole four years of running and was told all 3 years it was just shin splints and there was nothing you could do but to just stop running. I knew that I was not going to stop running, so of course I just ran through the pain. It got to be my senior year of highschool and I couldn’t even finish practices. I would get out one mile and have to fall to the ground because my shins felt like they were bursting and I couldn’t feel my feet.

I finally decided that this couldn’t be shin splints and that there was no way to run through it anymore so we went to a better doctor. Right off the bat he told me I most likely had compartment syndrome. I had to take a compartment pressure test where they put needles into each compartment into your leg and test the pressure. Then they take out the needles and you run until the pain is at it’s peak. After that they put the needles back in and test the pressure after running. My levels were extremely high after running and it was diagnosed. Next was surgery.

I had 3 incisions on each leg. I was devasted because I couldn’t run track because recovery was a long process, considering I had to relearn to walk and use my feet altogether. I was able to run 2 races in track because my recovery went so fast. Now I am more determined than ever to become the runner I always wanted to be, I want to be fast. My PR in cross country for a 5k was 24:04, considering my legs could not do anymore than that without hurting even more. Just recently I ran a race and beat my PR from junior year of highschool and ran a 23:4o. I haven’t ran a 5k since that race but there are many races coming up. I hope to improve my times and am also training to do my first half marathon in August.


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  1. adrienmelaine
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 23:29:09

    Insane story- good luck with the training and remember to be patient with yourself- you are so lucky to be able to be doing what you’re doing after something like that! You rock!


  2. Ana
    Mar 05, 2010 @ 17:45:28

    You are a soldier!!! Keep up that passion 🙂


  3. Leanne
    Mar 16, 2010 @ 09:27:22

    Love your story!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!


  4. genesis
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 11:27:30

    ohnmy gosh, the perils of shin pains. what an incredible story and an inspiration to others. thanks for coming by my blog. im looking forward to more fo your posts.


  5. eatdrinkandbemerrynyc
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 13:04:12

    Wow, you’re so inspiring! Love your blog!


  6. Runner Boy
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 00:10:14

    You look soooo hawt in your running outfit.


  7. Katie
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 13:15:18

    Yikes! You’re one tough cookie!! Glad you’re recovering and still running like a cheetah! 🙂


  8. Stephanie
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 14:38:44

    I went to SEMO too! I graduated in 2003, and my sister just graduated in December. And I am running my first 1/2 marathon in the Go St. Louis 1/2 in April too! Small world! Crazy about your legs! Glad you overcame it and are running again…and girl, how can you eat like that and still be skinny? Lucky you!


  9. Erika (Dr. TriRunner)
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 13:44:24

    Hey there!! Thanks for coming my DTR – I love “meeting” new readers. Crazy incisions – it’s awesome that you still got to race at the end of the season though! And your right, that WAS a crazy fast recovery! I am so glad it all worked out for you and you can still run. I’ll be comin’ back 🙂

    p.s. your entry-poem is super cute!


    • feetinmotion
      Apr 06, 2010 @ 13:50:03

      haha Lizzy’s was the best in my opinion!! That girl could give ke$ha a run for her money!! 🙂 Thanks for visiting! I can’t wait to read more of your posts!


  10. littlemisspotato
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 00:54:58

    I’m pretty new to blogging but am reading some of your older posts tonight. You’ve got a strong will and I can’t wait to continue reading. Will post comments soon (including the pen pal suggestion, love that!)



  11. healthnit
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 22:22:17

    woah i thought my shin splints were bad….you sound so much like me!!! nutrition major/runner/19 lol


  12. Jenna
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 19:56:01

    Love your blog!!


  13. Erin
    Jun 03, 2010 @ 13:18:15

    Just found your blog and I’m adding it to my reader! Great work on your posts!


  14. lellaliveslearns
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 12:27:27

    Hey! I just found your blog! Your story is insane!! You are such a trooper!


  15. Malori
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 22:41:01

    I just found your blog and I had to comment on your story. My mom would absolutely love you. You’re so inspirational and passionate. You’re a great example of perseverance :). My mom routinely runs/bikes/swims and participates in ironman triathlons, marathons, and various smaller races. After watching her compete in all these seemingly impossible races, I’ve learned that ANYONE can do it if they are dedicated enough. Keep running! Your story just made me so happy!



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