I’ve Moved!!!

Update your blogs and readers! It’s official!


is my new blog now.

Hope you don’t get lost!!!

Look forward to seeing you all over there now!

I’ll post this once a day for the next few days, just in case some people “mark all as read” and don’t know what happened to me.


Just a bit of a downhill

running copy





This was a trail run in the trees and I really don’t think the satellite was correct so I’m pretty sure the splits are off. I ran with my friends Jenny and Kathy and we were booking it, which is why I don’t believe the 8:22. It was a great run! We spent about an hour afterward just talking. It’s so nice to have people to run with!!






My dad made ravioli! YUM


Alex came over and we made Tuna Casserole!!!



I forgot to take a picture of my ice cream but I got Cappuccino Cookie. However the cookies weren’t very fresh and I was pretty full from dinner, so I hardly had any of mine 😦



I’m really excited for Sunday’s Race. It’s a downhill mile and I really want to get a good time. I honestly have no idea how good of shape I’m in currently, but I don’t think it’s that good of shape.


Q: What are your plans for the 4th of July?


Howdy Partner!

“There’s a snake in my boot!” hah, who said it? GO!

running copy

Long run Wednesday!!!


Today’s weather was absolutely beautiful and I had a fabulous 5 mile run!!





Another Red Green Monster. (the only reason I call it red, is because the berries make the color so bright and red no matter how much spinach is in there)


White Castle Cheeseburgers for lunch (don’t hate) haha


I packed 4 of those in.

Then Toasted Ravioli for dinner




Yesterday I finished The Happiness Project. Honestly, I’m not sure why I read the whole thing. Gretchen just seemed like a person I would not get along with and I spent most of the book just laughing at her. I loved the whole concept of the book, but her personality just didn’t agree with me. So really I spent 3 days reading a person I didn’t like and her life. I don’t want to smash on her but the few things of her personality that didn’t agree with me were: she believes she is better than others and has to one up everyone, likes to disagree with others just to argue, whether she knows the answer or not, and overall she seems really demanding and in control of everything. The little things like getting mad at her husband for going to the gym in the morning because he wasn’t there to help with the kids.

I just really had to get that off my chest because I know so many people loved the book and I wish I could’ve but I honestly couldn’t enjoy it. Sorry 😦

Now I’m finishing reading Eclipse because the boyfriend really wants to see the movie. Then next will be Wicked!!!

By the way, I’m seeing Wicked again on Wednesday! So excited!!!

Hope everyone’s having a great day!!


Blog Change?

running copy

Wasn’t feeling very good yesterday, so I took my day off running for the week.





I actually did not have eggs and bacon haha, I had some doughnuts!




Red Baron Supreme Pizza




Steak N Shake was for dinner


Chili 5 Way

and a Very Berry Strawberry shake


Contemplating Blog Change


I don’t really have enough money to self host and wordpress.com really doesn’t offer a lot you can do with your blog.

So I’ve been really thinking about moving over to Blogger and blogspot.com as my url. All the blogs I read that are Blogger have such cool layouts and side widgets.

Q: What are your thoughts?


Reading will hit hard

On the car ride home from Florida I managed to read all but 90 pages of this baby:


Before I went to Florida I put a reserve on a few other books. Coincidently enough all 3 are in at the same time which means I have a lot of reading to do!

So I have to read the rest of 90 pages of the Happiness Project and then these beauties:


image image image

So now I am on my way to the library to pick up my books!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Q: Have you read any of these? What’d you think?


A bunch of questions for you!

running copy


Had a nice run yesterday. It was pretty cool out but I was still sweating buckets.


After my run:


Peanut Butter Bagel Thin


 IMAG0070 IMAG0071


sandwich + Red monster!

IMAG0064 IMAG0065


IMAG0066 IMAG0069




Wendy’s chicken nuggets



Chocolate Almond ice cream 🙂




I don’t think I’ve talked about my summer races.

July 4th: Macklind Mile – Downhill mile race
July 31st: XC kickoff – 5k cross country race

So as you can see I have a race coming up this sunday. Exciting? Obviously. I absolutely LOVE racing! It’s what all the training is for, to be a better racer. I really have no idea what time I’ll get for my mile but I hope it’s better than 6:12 which is my PR as of now.

Guest Post


So I’ve been asked to write a guest post and I really have no idea what to write about.

Q: What would you like to see me write about in a guest post?


I really want to get a new camera that produces amazing photos for the blog. However I have no idea what kind of camera to get. So I’m going to ask you all for advice!

Q: What’s a good camera to have for blogging purposes and getting a nice clear and crisp, very detailed photo?

Q: What kind of camera do you have/use?


Rockin’ Refuel Review

Shamrock Farms has made an incredible product that is great for recovery. Rockin’ Refuel milk. Here are some of the details.



I tried each flavor, one a day after my run. Now I’ll break down my opinion of the products, each individually.


The first day I chose the chocolate milk of course, since Chocolate is my favorite. I was scared of the massive amount of protein and what consistency it would be. I know some protein is powder form and tastes chalky.

This product was not chalky at all. In fact it tasted like your regular chocolate milk. It was a thicker consistency and did leave a kind of “film” in your mouth afterward because of the thickness. Some drinks are more like a chocolate milkshake because they are thicker and that’s what I would compare this too. I loved it and it was gone in under 2 minutes!


The strawberry milk was even BETTER! Absolutely delicious. It also was not as thick as the chocolate and didn’t leave a film in your mouth afterwards. I absolutely loved this flavor and would definitely buy it in the future.


The Vanilla on the other hand, I did not like so much. If you like vanilla milk to begin with then you’ll like this. I saved this one for last because I am not a fan of vanilla milk really. I’ve tried flavored milks like soy milk that was vanilla and it along with this is really rich and too sweet for me. Consistency was good and I drank half the bottle but at that point it was too rich and I couldn’t finish any more. I wouldn’t buy this one if I had a choice of the other flavors.


#1 Strawberry
#2 Chocolate
#3 Vanilla

Check out the product website here and at the top of the page is also a product locator.

Unfortunately the only place where I live that sells this product is Huck’s Gas Station and I really don’t go to gas stations for groceries. But if I happen to be in one and I see the milk then I would definitely purchase some because it really was good!

Product was given to me for free to review but my review was my honest opinion


Onto some more news

A few days ago Graham got to hang out in the front yard.


Isn’t he so precious? hah

Today’s agenda is as follows:

– Start cleaning room
– Get Organized


Girls sweat…and that’s sweet book here


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