Just a bit of a downhill

running copy





This was a trail run in the trees and I really don’t think the satellite was correct so I’m pretty sure the splits are off. I ran with my friends Jenny and Kathy and we were booking it, which is why I don’t believe the 8:22. It was a great run! We spent about an hour afterward just talking. It’s so nice to have people to run with!!






My dad made ravioli! YUM


Alex came over and we made Tuna Casserole!!!



I forgot to take a picture of my ice cream but I got Cappuccino Cookie. However the cookies weren’t very fresh and I was pretty full from dinner, so I hardly had any of mine 😦



I’m really excited for Sunday’s Race. It’s a downhill mile and I really want to get a good time. I honestly have no idea how good of shape I’m in currently, but I don’t think it’s that good of shape.


Q: What are your plans for the 4th of July?



Running is more fun with friends

running copy

Yesterday I ran with my friends Amanda and Jenny. It was really nice to have people to run with and especially nice to go at a more casual running pace.

Running Outfit 

running outfit




When I got home I made myself a wonderful Green Monster Smoothie.


green monster ingredients

green monster green monster

First I blended the sunny D, fruit and sherbet. Then I added the spinach to blend it in as well. Then you have the final product:

green monster



Dad and I made sandwiches and watched Royal Pains. (Love that show!)


When my mom got home we went shopping to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but before we ate at McAlister’s Deli.

mcalisters chicken wrap

Then I came home and went to bed at 9pm.


Drymax socks here


Day in the Life of Sam

Here is how my day went yesterday

running copy

Woke up at 7:30am to run.

putting on shoes

Put my shoes on.

rolling muscles

Rolled out my muscles with the stick.

Running Outfit:

running outfit

Ran 3.6 miles. It was an awful run that involved lots of stopping because I lacked energy and couldn’t breathe.


Graham and I relaxed together.

dogs and computers

We needed groceries so my dad and I went to Shop N Save.


We bought:

Sunny D
Frozen Fruit
Bagel Thins
Sandwich Rolls
Regular Bread
Mozzarella Cheese Slices
Other Lunch Meat
Cereal – Cocoa Puffs and Trix
Red Baron Pizza
New Pretzel M&M’s to try

I’m not sure if we bought anything else. That was the majority of our purchase.


When we got back I made a wonderful Green Monster smoothie

P6240031 P6240036

2 handfuls spinach smashed into the cup
2 spoonfuls of Raspberry Sherbet
1 cup or so of frozen fruit
1/2-1 cup of Sunny D (I never know how much because I add to get it all to blend well)


Graham soaked up some sun from the air conditioning while I enjoyed my smoothie.

graham sitting on arm

Yes, he really did lay with his leg hanging off like that. He also had his right arm hanging off the other side of the arm rest but he picked it up when I snapped this shot.

graham laying with leg off chair

At 2:30pm I left to go to the boyfriend’s house.

We took his brother to a friend’s house and then went to Dick’s Sporting Goods because his dad needed some ammo for the farm. Of course we looked at all the nike running stuff.

Then we went to Schnuck’s to get some stuff for dinner.


We bought:

Medium Pasta Shells
Half & Half
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
Tomato Sauce
Cheesy Garlic Bread

Then we returned back to his house.


We then made dinner!

pasta con broccoli

Pasta Con Broccoli! One of my favorite homemade meals. Alex and I cooked from scratch together.

Pasta Con Broccoli

His dad was fixing my car because they own an tire and auto repair company so while he was doing that we did some recycling.

In their town they have a huge recycling plant that you take your recycling too. No one comes and collects it like they do in my town. So his dad’s huge van was filled with stuff to be recycled from the shop.

We played Guess Who? and watched some of Tommy Boy before we went to bed at 9:30pm.

So there you have it! That was my day!

I had great eats today!


Tried Almond Butter for the first time!! Not sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe it’s just the brand that I’m iffy on, maybe other almond butter tastes better.



I forgot to say that yesterday before my run I had an incredible Banana Bread muffin that my daddy made! It was yumm!! Perfect for right before a run.



Double Deli Sandwich with ham and turkey as well as american and swiss cheese. Cheese tots and fried green beans. I didn’t eat all the tots because I traded more of them for more fried green beans, sooo good!! And I only ate half my sandwich. It’s too filling for the whole thing.


IMAG0139 <—delicious!


Had 9 miles planned but only did 8.5 because poor Megan is still having shin pain. I hope she gets better!! Did the first 5 miles with Alex and last 3.5 with Megan! I split up each run on my garmin but I added the times together to get the average pace.


here’s the two runs broken down:

5 miles in 41:06 @ 8:13 pace

mileage time
mile 1 8:23
mile 2 8:31
mile 3 8:26
mile 4 7:58
mile 5 7:46

3.5 miles in 31:43 @ 9:03 pace

mileage time
mile 1 9:12
mile 2 9:09
mile 3 9:02
mile 3.5 4:20

total: 8.5 miles in 1:12:49 @ 8:34 pace


Dinner was incredible!!! They had White Chicken Nachos and the recipe was from a place in St Charles 🙂 I also had a piece of ham!


I absolutely love black beans!! They are so yummy. I think those are the only beans I really like.

1 1/2 cups of Orange Juice



At 8:30pm I made a green monster!!

2 handfuls of spinach
lots of frozen mangoes, papaya, pineapple
fresh strawberries

P3290009 P3290010

Better than the one yesterday but really need some fruit juice and sherbet would be good too! I’ll have to try that this weekend and get a small thing of sherbet since it won’t keep in the freezer.


Would you like a weekend recap? Good.



Delicious Quaker Oatmeal Squares. The cinnamon flavor!!



This was my first time trying the oatmeal squares. I’ve seen them around a lot and thought they’ve always looked good. Well now I know that they taste just as good! 🙂


I went to check out the Yurbuds kiosk in the mall around lunchtime and got to try out the product. I want to say right now that if you have not tried out these earbuds then you have to rush out and do so! They are guaranteed not to fall out of your ears and I have ran with them twice so far. I took them on my 4 mile progressive run where I was running extremely fast and they didn’t even move then I ran with them on the treadmill for 3 miles and usually headphones fall out of my ears more on the treadmill than the road and they still stayed!! Check them out


They are also trying to help raise $1 million dollars for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and are going to donate $10 from your purchase to the foundation!


Had to do my 4 mile progressive run, but I was more excited to do the run so I could try out the yurbuds in action!

4 miles in 20:10 @ 7:32 pace

mileage time
mile 1 7:49
mile 2 7:51
mile 3 7:08
mile 4 7:20


yummy spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner!! And a piece of garlic bread, but i ate it before the picture could be taken!



Watched Blindside with the family. I love this movie. It was my second time seeing it and still amazed me. So funny and a must see. But you can make your own decision to see it! 🙂



Came back to school and was not happy about that.

The drive home was really nice. Good music was on the radio and new songs actually. The weather was great. I got back to school and hit up the grocery store to get something for dinner and grab milk. I bought ravioli, easy mac and milk.

Once I got to my dorm I had to make 2 trips from my car of which I had to park far away to bring in all of my stuff.


Unpacked a few things and went to the rec center to do my 3 miles on the treadmill. I was supposed to do my 9 mile long run but since it was already dark out I am doing that today and switched my workouts for the day.

Once The Amazing Race came on the TV I started cruising on the treadmill and it made the time pass so much faster even though it was difficult running and reading subtitles that sometimes didn’t make any sense haha.

3 miles in 25:21 @ 8:27 pace

The time was probably faster because the treadmill starts counting before you even get up to speed and start running.


First Green Monster

I came back and did my first attempt at a green monster

1 cup milk
2 cups spinach
1 whole banana
4 small frozen strawberries
4 frozen pineapple chunks

Definitely had too much banana but was still good. Next time I want to use a juice instead of milk to get more fruit flavor.

P3280002 P3280003



With my green monster I had the Full Circle ravioli I picked up at the store for $0.89.

P3280008 P3280009


Wish the ravioli would’ve been meat filling instead of cheese. They weren’t very good but I still ate most of it. However I was still hungry so I had some combo crackers.

P3280012 P3280013

You can never go wrong with Combo’s!

Then I just waited for alex to get back from the Alabama relays!

Q: How was your weekend?