I’ve Moved!!!

Update your blogs and readers! It’s official!


is my new blog now.

Hope you don’t get lost!!!

Look forward to seeing you all over there now!

I’ll post this once a day for the next few days, just in case some people “mark all as read” and don’t know what happened to me.




Changes in the blog

Have you noticed the new blog layout? (if you are reading via google reader or some other sort of reading device, you should come check out the blog)

I like it and it looks good in my browser but if it looks big in yours since everyone has different screen sizes and stuff then just zoom out.

Question: Are there ads on my blog?

Because there shouldn’t be and I don’t even know how there are since my blog is wordpress.com not .org, is that how it works? If there are ads, rest assured I’m not getting paid for them. Unfortunately, haha.

Question: Have you made money off your blog, or do you plan on it?

Honestly being a college student and all it’d be nice to make some extra cash, especially off of something I love such as my blog. However I honestly don’t know how I would go about doing it. I am opening an OpenSky shop in August so stay tuned for that! But that is the only thing that I know how to do. So if you have had experience or have heard of ways, let me know so I can look into it.

Comments: I’m going to start commenting people back on their blog as well as on mine. So I am going to stop doing the email responses.


1. Some people don’t check their email.
2. If I comment on your blog then other readers know my blog exists as well.
3. If you are a new reader then I’ll actually get to read your blog since I’ll have to go to it to respond. (major plus because I want to be just as involved in my reader’s blogs as you guys are in mine!)
4. Everyone loves comments on their blog!

Other Changes

Later when I come back from running I plan on updating my “About me” and the “future goals” section as well as maybe adding some more pages, possibly about my running.

Question: Do you have any ideas on the pages you’d like to see on my blog?

Maybe you are wanting to see my daily mileage for the week/month/year whatever or want to know all the races I’ve done and what times I ran. Or maybe you want a page dedicated to my dog hahaha. Throw your ideas out to me and I will see what I can do!!!



Quick giveaway here

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Have you seen this product? I was just reading Dean Karnazes blog when I saw he uses this currently as one of his cross training activities. It’s called ElliptiGO


Definitely check out the video in the bottom left here


Some good things coming your way:

Some product reviews in the future
Another giveaway
Recap of the vacation

Hope all is well. I’ve been reading some blogs but haven’t been able to read them all. Vacation is a time for relaxation so when the google reader gets really high in blogs unread, I have to just say “mark all as read.”

So definitely let me know what you’ve been up to because I still read the comments and my emails!! I’ll be home Saturday!



I’ll be home Saturday with lots of recapping of beautiful Longboat Key Florida!

Until then, check out this giveaway

P.S I also just got news that I’ll be able to open my OpenSky shop early August!






to this


Don’t be jealous…some sand did get in the pants. haha


more florida action to come



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