Dinner last night was homemade pizza by my dad and a mango, blueberry, raspberry, with strawberry yogurt smoothie. Very tasty

This morning I woke up and ran 5.5 miles with some friends. Very relaxing.

Came back and made a mango, pineapple and orange smoothie and leftover rice from yesterday’s lunch.

Also had some leftover oranges.

Dinner was 4 jack in the box tacos haha. With ranch of course.

Today was great because I got to talk to my boy Alex 🙂 He’s on a cruise right now for a whole week and today was the first day he had reception and was able to text.

tomorrow he will be able to call me which is even more exciting.

I have a 4 mile run planned but we are supposed to get an inch of snow, so hopefully it’s not icy out.


It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

Woke up today and had cinnamon sugar toast with chocolate milk 🙂

graham was hungry too

Then I ran to the school which was exactly 1 mile. I figured it would be easier than to try to deal with all the crazy high schoolers wanting to leave for christmas break. We did a 5 mile run that was real nice and that I hadn’t run before. Definitely good because it will be even longer when run from my house! Ran only .5 from school to my house and cut across the golf course instead because I was cold and my ankles were sore.

Went to the grocery store because the Mint Chocolate Milk I had last night was sooo good that I wanted to buy some! I bought that and some Candy Cane milk! Both delicious! However they are a bit thick like a milkshake, so I just put a little in and add regular milk to the rest. Yum!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!!!!

Big River Christmas Lights Run

Cleaned the bathroom and started cleaning my room. So far I have an almost complete trashbag full of donation clothes and one side of my room clean 🙂

Tomorrow I am running with the team at 11 and then either hanging out with them or cleaning my room some more. My aunt and grandma are coming tomorrow as well!! I love the holidays!

I headed over to alex’s around 4 and I was suprised there was not any traffic! We went to the Big River Christmas Lights Run at 6pm and it was so much fun!! So pretty with all the lights down in the city on the The Hill. Much better than a scheduled day off! I usually take a day off once a week and it’s usually on monday, but since the run was today and tomorrow I’m running with the girls, I don’t think I’ll have a day off which is good for mileage.

Lunch today I made pasta roni and had an orange.

they were sooo juicy and good! I love oranges.

Graham hung out with me all day until 4 🙂 he’s so cute!

that’s all for now!

Back home

I’ve been back home since thursday! I love it!

Saturday Alex came over and we spent the day together and went to a friend’s birthday dinner at chevys.

Sunday was my race, haha, except it wasn’t very well raced. I ended up getting lost trying to get to the place and got there about 15 minutes before it started. Alex had picked up my number for me, so that was stress off my back. It was so cold, I asked alex if I should keep my sweatpants on, he said “probably.” Bad advice lol, should’ve gone with my gut and knowledge. It take so much energy to run in sweatpants. They are so baggy and weigh you down, especially with a layer of tights underneath. I ended up stopping at mile 2, sitting down and taking my pants off. An ignorant man yelled at me saying “double knot next time,” as if I am some kind of newbie runner? Let’s just say, how fast was I running, and where was he? AND I WASN’T EVEN RACING! ha, I tied my pants around my waist but forgot my gloves were in the pockets and I lost one 😦 So now I need to buy new gloves, preferably today.

Alex took me straight to my car and we went back to his house. I showered and took a nap. We then played Warcraft(I know, we are so cool) lol and ordered two philly cheese steak pizzas from dominos. So yummy! His dad also changed my oil, added air to my tires and other various stuff. What a great family, they definitely save me money. He’s a keeper 🙂 but for more reasons than that.

It’s now Monday and my plans for the day consist of cleaning the upstairs bathroom( I was told) and attempting to clean my room so I can finally take my stuff OUT of my bag and see what all I brought with me.

Operation Clean Room is as followed:

Needs – music, trash bags and a box

music: for entertainment purposes

trash bags: for trash and donation clothes

box: for stuff that can be moved into the basement.

This is what will happen. Since I’ve been at college, I’ve realized all my clothes I need and like are with me there, so all the clothes at home most likely will not be worn and can be sold or given away depending on their value. So I’m going to go through my room and figure out what I absolutely need to keep and what things I may use. My room is a semi-disaster from packing it to move TO college so I will have to clean and organize.

I’m sure I’ll have pictures! I’m so excited Christmas is almost here!!!

I’ll leave you now with hopes of an entry later today.

sick :(

Well monday I woke up around 6:15 to study a little more for my finals. I had a banana bread muffin that my dad made, so yummy. I annihilated my nutrition final and did pretty decent(A) on my PE final. Then I came back and got some breakfast from Towers.

Nothing too exciting happened yesterday. Just lounged around after my finals.

I snacked on this after I had fried macaroni bites for dinner.

Today I woke up and had more banana bread and went for a 6 mile run that turned into 6.3. Yesterday I started feeling sick and today was a whole lot worse. I took a shower and it was turned all the way up and I was still shivering. 😦

Have to study for Psychology today a little bit, but mostly just relaxing. For lunch I had toasted ravioli’s. They were good, but overpriced!


Well, I don’t have any pictures because Alex forgot his camera and mine never left the bag.

Friday I ran 3.3 miles and my nike tights ripped more skin off my ankle, this time a lot worse 😦 Then my mom, dad and I watched the season finale of glee while eating cheese pizza with white sauce and philly cheese steak pizza from dominos. nom nom nom

Then we watched Julie & Julia which I felt was really slow and not so exciting.

Saturday I woke up at 7, got dressed and drove to Alex’s. He taped my ankle so my tights wouldn’t rub. Went to Forest Park and got my race number for the first run of the frostbite series: 3k. Met up with my girls from high school 🙂 Ran the 3k(1.89 miles instead of 1.86 hah big deal right?) and got 13:29 and 4th in my age group. 23rd woman overall out of 233.

Alex, Brad and I did a 1.5 cool down because I did a 1.5 warm up. Then Alex and I went to smoothie king 🙂 I miss it sooo much!!!! I went home and my parents and I went christmas shopping for alex and got taco bell for lunch. When we got home a few of my friends came over and we played band hero for an hour, then they left and I made tuna casserole for dinner. 🙂 Went to bed at 9 o clock.

Now it’s sunday and I picked alex up around 12:40 and we left at 12:50 to head back to cape G! four more days and I’m home until January 18th!!!!!!

Hope your weekend was good, now time to study for finals.

Going home!

Class is over for the day. I have to go to some “wrap up” party at noon and then I am on my way home for the weekend!

Alex and I forgot we had a powerball ticket so we checked our numbers and won $4! We also won $9 in scratchers 🙂

We will be responsible and put only 10 dollars back in.

Which brings me to a new goal for the new year. I need to start keeping a log of how much I spend. I also need a job. I applied at Fazoli’s because I am so desperate for work haha. It wouldn’t be so bad.

Well, I will probably have a weekend update for you all later this weekend!


real quick, I decided to figure out what finals I NEED to study for based on my grades.

Sports in Society =high A, no need to study hard

Nutrition =85%, can’t get an A but have to get at least 70% to keep B.

Psychology = have to study my butt off and might be able to get an A

Sports in Movies = high A, no need to study

Relationships of 21st Century = A, but still need to study


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