Back home

I’ve been back home since thursday! I love it!

Saturday Alex came over and we spent the day together and went to a friend’s birthday dinner at chevys.

Sunday was my race, haha, except it wasn’t very well raced. I ended up getting lost trying to get to the place and got there about 15 minutes before it started. Alex had picked up my number for me, so that was stress off my back. It was so cold, I asked alex if I should keep my sweatpants on, he said “probably.” Bad advice lol, should’ve gone with my gut and knowledge. It take so much energy to run in sweatpants. They are so baggy and weigh you down, especially with a layer of tights underneath. I ended up stopping at mile 2, sitting down and taking my pants off. An ignorant man yelled at me saying “double knot next time,” as if I am some kind of newbie runner? Let’s just say, how fast was I running, and where was he? AND I WASN’T EVEN RACING! ha, I tied my pants around my waist but forgot my gloves were in the pockets and I lost one šŸ˜¦ So now I need to buy new gloves, preferably today.

Alex took me straight to my car and we went back to his house. I showered and took a nap. We then played Warcraft(I know, we are so cool) lol and ordered two philly cheese steak pizzas from dominos. So yummy! His dad also changed my oil, added air to my tires and other various stuff. What a great family, they definitely save me money. He’s a keeper šŸ™‚ but for more reasons than that.

It’s now Monday and my plans for the day consist of cleaning the upstairs bathroom( I was told) and attempting to clean my room so I can finally take my stuff OUT of my bag and see what all I brought with me.

Operation Clean Room is as followed:

Needs – music, trash bags and a box

music: for entertainment purposes

trash bags: for trash and donation clothes

box: for stuff that can be moved into the basement.

This is what will happen. Since I’ve been at college, I’ve realized all my clothes I need and like are with me there, so all the clothes at home most likely will not be worn and can be sold or given away depending on their value. So I’m going to go through my room and figure out what I absolutely need to keep and what things I may use. My room is a semi-disaster from packing it to move TO college so I will have to clean and organize.

I’m sure I’ll have pictures! I’m so excited Christmas is almost here!!!

I’ll leave you now with hopes of an entry later today.


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