sick :(

Well monday I woke up around 6:15 to study a little more for my finals. I had a banana bread muffin that my dad made, so yummy. I annihilated my nutrition final and did pretty decent(A) on my PE final. Then I came back and got some breakfast from Towers.

Nothing too exciting happened yesterday. Just lounged around after my finals.

I snacked on this after I had fried macaroni bites for dinner.

Today I woke up and had more banana bread and went for a 6 mile run that turned into 6.3. Yesterday I started feeling sick and today was a whole lot worse. I took a shower and it was turned all the way up and I was still shivering. 😦

Have to study for Psychology today a little bit, but mostly just relaxing. For lunch I had toasted ravioli’s. They were good, but overpriced!