October 28th

Well let’s see. This morning I woke up to go to my 7am class but wasn’t feeling well and was really tired so I skipped my very first class because I knew we were just finishing the chapter and he just reads word for word in the book. I ended up emailing him and he told me it was a good idea that I skipped class and that I was a very good student so I didn’t miss anything and that we will review for the test on friday. I went to my nutrition class at 8 and got my test back which I did horrible on. I got a 64% on it. That section was really hard and a lot of information to learn. I didn’t eat any breakfast, well I tried this oatmeal but it didn’t really have much taste to it. I’ll probably get a banana at lunch sometime to add to it so I don’t waste the rest of the box.

Lunch consisted of a tuna sandwich and this incredible yogurt with granola…I’m in love. I’ve definitely been convinced how good yogurt and granola are and will definitely add it to my diet. Of course I had some powerade to go with it.


After lunch I took a much needed nap. It was a good 30 minute powernap and I felt completely refreshed. I decided to create my own planner out of a journal alex gave me, so that I would have more space to write my assignments and running stuff as well.

At 4pm I met with the running club to run. Only 3 people showed up and it was all guys. We decided to go exploring a different area of Cape we had never gone before. They just wanted to do an easy 30 minute run so we all ran together. When they had a few minutes to get back by 30 minutes I told them I needed to do some more. I think we were only at 3.something when they left to head back and I needed a total of 5 miles. So I did 3 laps on the track and headed back. Great run, very amusing.


warmup: .47

time: 3:52

run: 4.67 miles

time: 41:23

calories burned: 507

Average pace: 8:51 minutes/mile

After the run alex and I got dinner at towers. I wasn’t too hungry so I ate two pieces of cheese pizza and didn’t eat the crust. I had a few grapes and half a chocolate milk mixed with 2% milk.


Now I am off to write a paper for my Sports in the Movies class and read some of my book “50/50.”

I have 4 miles planned for tomorrow. Here’s an ad I found. I love the saucony ads so much.


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