quick post!

Don’t worry, I promise to have the pictures up later today! I’m getting ready to head to the rec center because it’s real cold outside and because I’m sick I don’t think those two are a good combination. So yes, I will be doing a dreadfull 6 miles on the dreadmill!!!

I just wanted to post because I have jumped on the bandwagon and would love to hear people’s questions if anyone has any! I love answering questions 🙂

So really…go ahead and ask me anything!

hope your day is going well! I will have a busy day today! Rec center, reading, possible dinner with Alex’s family, Mike Rowe (guy from dirty jobs). So hopefully I will have another post later tonight!!

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  1. funfashionista
    Jan 27, 2010 @ 22:41:17

    thanks for commenting on my post! i really think it’s going to help with my recovery with all the support. you really inspire me how much you run! i think im going to do a race (once im healthy obviously) to help raise money for eating disorder awareness… i really want to give back!
    and sorry about the dreadmill today 😦 i dont know anyone who likes them! blahhh


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