Running, running and running, running

Last night’s dinner


Chicken Lo Mein and crab rangoon. Yes, I ate all of that.

Running Outfit


Nike Sports Bra, Reebox Shorts




Legs are still feeling fatigued when I run and very lazy but I think all the water I’m drinking is helping.

Post Run


Chocolate Milk, Water and Foam Roller (my new bff)  🙂

Graham’s Bff is his pillow. My dad claims he’s his bff, but I think his pillow is.


They are inseparable. It’s even got some wear marks on it. Do your pets carry around something that is their “security blanket?”

I need some new sports bras that can be worn just by themselves and inexpensive. Any ideas?

I really love the nike dri fit and the brooks ones but I really don’t like spending more than 10 bucks or 15 on a sports bra.

Things that make me happy
– Running in just a sports bra and shorts
– my dog
– my new foam roller



Lance Armstrong, watch out.

What a deal!!! If anyone is looking for compression shorts, check out Road Runner Sports


These are 14.95!!!! They are part of the bargain for the day so they are 50% off from the normal price. And if you want to be so kind and order a size small for me while you’re at it, that’d be great too! haha 🙂

Check them out here

They even have a side zipper pocket for your key/money.


looked something like this 

P4170042 P4170043


Ran out of Barney Butter Almond Butter so I used some MaraNatha Peanut Butter

Biking and Running

P4180054 P4180050

    ^ Biking ^                                                          ^ running ^
I didn’t use Lola for biking because I didn’t want to scratch her up if I happened to fall. Apparently the 305 is named Lopez (never knew) and he’s one tough cookie so I strapped him onto my handlebars. Luckily I didn’t fall so he was safe!


Alex and I went bike riding on the bike path!

It’s 4.24 miles long and then we turned around and came back.



Mileage MPH Time
4.24 10.6 24:02
4.25 12.3 20:41

best mph: 16.5

Think I’m getting a lot more comfortable and confident on the bike. Thank goodness for padded bike shorts!!!



After the biking I ran 3 miles on the bike path. I felt so slow but really I wasn’t slow at all!


The top line is the total run and the other 3 are each of the miles broken down 🙂

Then the columns got cut off but it’s

“Total distance. Total Time. Average Pace. Average Speed. Max Speed. Total Calories. Total Ascent”

P4180056  Picture of my new sticker! “13.1 been there, run that”


HAHAHAA Alex must be sooooo happy he can’t even open his eyes!!


I’m showing off how beastly lame I am 🙂


I think my Hincapie socks gave me my wicked bike skills today. Totally.

Post Run/Bike


An incredible tasting orange that was incredibly easy to peel and a string cheese!

Also I got a new sports bra from Old Navy!! On sale for $10 but I got it for $8 something because I signed up for a rewards card….that I think turned out to a credit card. What a scammer! You don’t ask someone “would you like to save 20% by getting a Old Navy Rewards card” and then sign them up for a Old Navy Credit card. UGH!

At least the sports bra is cool?

P4170048 P4170049

I like the color a ton!



Alright, I have been challenged to cook something I’ve never cooked before. This really WILL be a challenge because I don’t have a stove!! The only cooking devices I have are a microwave and toaster. Now if you help me come up with something amazing to cook via microwave I will attempt this challenge!! 🙂 Otherwise I’ll have to wait til Friday when I’m at a house I can cook food at.

Any suggestions for something to cook/try?


Things that make me happy

– Getting better at biking
– Still having my fast running after taking a week off
– Getting to see my parents/dog this weekend! (wish it was for longer than a few hours)
– Watching Alex run outdoor track