Rockin’ Refuel Review

Shamrock Farms has made an incredible product that is great for recovery. Rockin’ Refuel milk. Here are some of the details.



I tried each flavor, one a day after my run. Now I’ll break down my opinion of the products, each individually.


The first day I chose the chocolate milk of course, since Chocolate is my favorite. I was scared of the massive amount of protein and what consistency it would be. I know some protein is powder form and tastes chalky.

This product was not chalky at all. In fact it tasted like your regular chocolate milk. It was a thicker consistency and did leave a kind of “film” in your mouth afterward because of the thickness. Some drinks are more like a chocolate milkshake because they are thicker and that’s what I would compare this too. I loved it and it was gone in under 2 minutes!


The strawberry milk was even BETTER! Absolutely delicious. It also was not as thick as the chocolate and didn’t leave a film in your mouth afterwards. I absolutely loved this flavor and would definitely buy it in the future.


The Vanilla on the other hand, I did not like so much. If you like vanilla milk to begin with then you’ll like this. I saved this one for last because I am not a fan of vanilla milk really. I’ve tried flavored milks like soy milk that was vanilla and it along with this is really rich and too sweet for me. Consistency was good and I drank half the bottle but at that point it was too rich and I couldn’t finish any more. I wouldn’t buy this one if I had a choice of the other flavors.


#1 Strawberry
#2 Chocolate
#3 Vanilla

Check out the product website here and at the top of the page is also a product locator.

Unfortunately the only place where I live that sells this product is Huck’s Gas Station and I really don’t go to gas stations for groceries. But if I happen to be in one and I see the milk then I would definitely purchase some because it really was good!

Product was given to me for free to review but my review was my honest opinion


Onto some more news

A few days ago Graham got to hang out in the front yard.


Isn’t he so precious? hah

Today’s agenda is as follows:

– Start cleaning room
– Get Organized


Girls sweat…and that’s sweet book here



Catch Up

I forgot to post my lunch Thursday. I had some red baron pizza.


Then on Friday I tried the new Pretzel M&M’s. Let’s just say….I wasn’t a fan.

P6250006 P6250007

Onto Saturday

running copy

Had my off day for the week so I did not run.


Went to the mall and visited the nike outlet where I got a new tank top. I really want more nike sports bras but they were still pricey.

Then went to Burlington Coat Factory where I found a nike sports bra for 12.99!! I wish they would’ve had more than just one color so I could’ve bought a bunch.

Marshalls was next and I found a really cute purse for $10!



Had myself a beef burrito with rice and beans for lunch.

Then I had to babysit so I had a hot pocket and an ice cream cone at Alex’s and he dropped me off at the house I was babysitting. The girls were adorable and I definitely would babysit for them again!


running copy

Woke up and went to Queeny Park with Alex to run.


running outfit

My new nike sports bra!! Isn’t it cool?




We went back to my house afterward and had lunch.

hot dog dinner

I had a hot dog, cole slaw, macaroni salad and some fries. Alex had a hotdog and a cheeseburger lol.

italian meatloaf

Italian meatloaf and potato salad for dinner!


Alex and I played Mario Kart and Crazy Golf with my parents, it was a good time.

Coming up….A Review of “Rockin’ Refuel” milk by Shamrock Farms.