What a beautiful day in the neighborhood

As you can see, I am redoing my blog. I’m currently designing a new header, thus why it looks so boring. Stay tuned!


z bar

If you haven’t tried clif z bars, you have to!! Check them out


My sports nutrition teacher brought us some yummy snacks for our last day of class! Isn’t she so sweet?




Running Outfit  clothes

I think it’s fun to see what people wear when they run, so I’m going to start showing you my running outfits! Today was a “blue theme” I guess hahaha!


Check out the cool tank top my momma bought for me from Kohls awhile back. (I absolutely love these tanks, I have two!! and want more)


I realized there was a place for your ipod in the side of the tank and tried it out.

It bounced too much and resulted into this


Thank you waistband! haha

Running Playlist ipod

These are the songs on my playlist that I listened to today:

Lions! by Lights
Ice by Lights
The Listening by Lights
Saviour by Lights
Blah Blah Blah by Kesha
Your Love is My Drug by Kesha
Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas
Take it Off by Kesha
Hungover by Kesha

They are some good upbeat songs 🙂

Post Run Fuel

P5050019 P5050020


Darn Tough Vermont Socks here
Sweaty Bands, Principessa and Power Balance here
Signed copy of The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life here
CSN here
Recovery Socks here
Thriv t shirt here
Julie’s first giveaway here 

Things That Make Me Happy

– Getting tan while running
– Lots of giveaways!
– Winning giveaways!
– My new blog layout (in construction)



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