What a great day!

Hello everyone!!

First off I have to ask, who watched Food Revolution tonight? Let’s just say I’m not sure I can ever eat chicken nuggets again after seeing that. If anyone can tell me some chicken nuggets that don’t involve that portion of the chicken/all its bones then let me know. Thanks! hah



I actually tricked you because I didn’t drink this orange juice. I wasn’t very hungry so I just had fruity cheerios and since I had milk with my cereal I wasn’t thirsty for the orange juice.



Wasn’t very hungry for lunch either. I ate most of my hot dog and a few cheese tots.

Drove home after lunch!!! It was so beautiful out and the drive went by super fast.

When I got home I took this boy on a walk!


Do you like his hair cut? lol his curls are gone.

We walked to the high school track because my friend was doing a 5k time trial. 🙂 He didn’t run the 15:50 he wanted to but did run 16:46 or so. Pretty good considering he didn’t really have people running with him/competition but had other track guys running in front to give Cameron some guys to catch. It was fun to watch. I got to count the laps.

My momma and I then went to Target and I found a killer sports bra and full tights for winter for super cheap. Sports bra was 4.24 and tights were 6.24!!! Such a great deal!!




I love Champion products!!

My momma was nice enough to buy these for me. She’s so great!


We then decided on quesadilla’s for dinner and stopped at Shop n Save


Very tasty!! So glad we had them!

Then of course it was Food Revolution time!!!


I had some of this Edy’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream


not my picture.


And now I’m blogging.

This little guy is joining me!!



Have a great night!!