Good and Bad News


I forgot to add in my post about my challenge yesterday. So here it is!

Water: 24 oz water, 32 oz powerade, 8 oz gatorade, 16 oz orange juice
Core: 100 cent core again
Stretching: Alex helped me with my stretches. We did ankles and hamstrings. I have pictures from the ankles where we used therabands.


Flex forward


Flex to the side


Flex to the other side (I like alex’s face hahaha)


Flex away

Icing: I then iced using my Ice Up. LOVE this! Except our dorm freezer doesn’t freeze it very well. 😦


I also refueled after my run with this


And a nuts about chocolate luna bar

This morning

Unfortunately I did not get the RA job I was really hoping for. But my friend Lanie said that of the 7 people she knew that applied, only 1 got a position. Apparently there were 80 of us new comers and 70 RA’s that were returning and only 90 RA positions available. So it was a slim pickin’s. I’ll try again next year and just have to look at the positives from this.

Positive: I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday at home
Positive: I’ll be able to focus on my studies and running
Positive: Will have more summer time at home

Of course there are many negatives to not getting the position, but we won’t focus on those!!



Same as yesterday. Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Just look at the yumminess!




Corn dog and cheese tots.


Had 6 miles to run. My friend Megan ran 3 miles with me. We ran really slow and easy because she is recovering from an injury. Then the last 3 I ran solo.

6 miles in 53:37 @ 8:56 pace

Mileage Time
mile 1 9:25
mile 2 9:36
mile 3 9:43
mile 4 8:20
mile 5 8:28
mile 6 8:02

I then iced my legs afterwards.



chicken sandwich, cheese tots and cheese sauce for my sandwich. Yeah how healthy huh?  But yummy and full of carbs!


So I will be going to Disney World for the first time!!  Anyone have any suggestions on what we must do? I’m going with my parents and brother. It’s going to be so much fun!!


Q: What are some of your favorite books?

Q: What are some books you hope to read soon?

Q: Do you prefer running/working out alone or with someone?



Is anyone out there? Oh it’s the fog.

Well let’s recap yesterday shall we?

I woke up to this!!


Yes, that is the view from my window. You can’t see anything!! The fog has taken over!!

But then after class it looked like this


What an improvement! I thought it was going to be horrible and foggy like that all day.




Peanut butter whole wheat bagel with some chocolate chips on top!!


Trader Joes Cinnamon Almonds




Bratwurst with cheese, mac n cheese, chicken tenders. I only ate the brat and two chicken tenders plus 3 forkfulls of mac n cheese. Let’s just say, it was not very good!

So I went back for seconds!


Piece of pepperoni pizza, cheese bread and sausage pizza. By the way, I don’t eat the crusts.


Had a 5 mile tempo planned. For some reason I had huge chest bubbles and stomach acid. I think it may have been the orange juice from lunch. Do you think? So I had to stop a few times and between mile 4 and 5 I took like a 10 minute break and sat down in the grass because there was a lot of pressure in my chest and it was a beautiful day.

5 mile tempo in 38:09 @ 7:37 pace

mileage time
mile 1 7:44
mile 2 7:44
mile 3 7:34
mile 4 7:36
mile 5 7:29

My legs felt good and so did my breathing, it was just my chest that was causing me problems.


Went and got a pepperoni pizza fold. mmmm.


Alex and I ate outside on a sewer. The grass was wet 😦

And of course had some chocolate milk for recovery!


TV Talk


Has anyone watched the episode of Food Revolution online? I heard the 2 hour premiere is this friday but there is an episode up on and I watched it last night. Jamie Oliver is such a kind soul and it really made me feel sad when he started crying because all he does is care for people. It was really interesting on what is being served to children and I can’t wait to continue watching to see what else he can do!!