March 15-March 21 Running Recap



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Easy 4 miles in 33:23 @ 8:20 pace
mile 1: 8:24
mile 2: 8:16
mile 3: 8:14
mile 4: 8:28

Hill Workout: 20 min of hills
Warmup: 1 mile in 7:56

.26 – 1:50
.20 – 1:36
.20 – 1:29
.18 – 1:32
.18 – 1:23
.19 – 1:33
.18 – 1:24
.31 – 2:31 (forgot to lap the up and downhill so they are together)
.15 – 1:14
.14 – 1:00 (realized that there was too much straight away at bottom and top of hill, so changed so its just hill no flat)
.14 – 1:10
.14 – 1:01
.25 – 2:13

Cooldown: 0.6 mi in 5:11 @ 8:38 pace

off day, no run

Midweek long run: 6 miles in 48:58 @ 8:09 pace

mile 1: 8:07
mile 2: 8:12
mile 3: 8:19
mile 4: 8:04
mile 5: 8:08
mile 6: 8:07

3 mile Progressive Run in 22:30 @ 7:30 pace

mile 1: 8:04
mile 2: 7:30
mile 3: 6:56

4 mile easy run, no watch = no splits

Long run: 7 miles in 60 minutes.
no splits

Least favorite run: Sunday’s 7 miles on the treadmill
Most favorite run: Saturday’s easy run because alex ran the first 2 miles with me 🙂
Fastest mile split:  6:56 on Friday



Friday, Saturday and Sunday



My dad went in early to work so I had a brunch.


Doesn’t it look like a face? hah funny.

I took some of his trail mix!


So yummy. Most of the trail mix comes from Whole Foods and some from Costco all mixed together in pure yumminess!



Originally I was supposed to do a 4 mile progressive run. But I had a bad nights sleep and was really sore. Saturday I had a 3 mile planned, so I compromised and did a 3 mile progressive run.

Running outfit:


3 miles in 22:30 @ 7:30 pace

Mileage Time
mile 1 8:04
mile 2 7:30
mile 3 6:56

Then of course ice time!!


Then I headed over to Alex’s house and we went to Maggiano’s Little Italy for dinner and ordered family style.

Spinach Dip
Cheesy Garlic Bread


Chicken Pesto Linguini
Chicken and Truffle Tortellaci

It was very delicious as always!

We then went back to his house and watched Music and Lyrics, which he has never seen!!



Woke up and went to breakfast with Alex, his grandma Henthorn and his brother Zack. We went to Ihop and I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Next time I am ordering the kids size because 4 pancakes were wayyyyyy too much!


times 4!!!! Yeah, awful.

Then we went to REI and I picked up my first pair of padded bike shorts!! We also walked around and dreamt of all the wonderful things we would buy if we had the money. Yeah, it was fun!!

Then we went back to my house and hung out with my parents and the furball aka graham our dog.

We had to do a run. I had to do 4 miles easy. So I went without my garmin!! I figured I’d take it real easy if I didn’t know my time or pace. WRONG! I went faster than 35 minutes because it took me a total of 35 minutes and I stopped to tie my shoe twice and had to stop at tons of lights.

It was a sad night because KU lost 😦
I don’t even want to talk about it.

But dinner was great!! My mom’s Italian Meatloaf, some perogies (pasta stuffed with mashed potatoes), and garlic bread.


It was delicious!!! Then Alex, my parents and I played bowling on the Wii.

Alex left and then my parents and I played some Wii. I love playing games with them. I just loved being home.



Then today I had to head back to cape. BOOO HOOOO!!!

My parents were kind enough to drive me to Alex’s house because I had left my car there and he was going to pick me up at my house in the car but I forgot to give him my keys. DUH! I can be so forgetful.

My dad helped us pack and then Alex and I were off!

Lunch was Jack n the Box. I ordered 2 tacos and a chicken sandwich.

We got back and it was pouring cats and dogs!! More like worms really hahaha.

So I did a dreaded 60 minutes on the treadmill. I was supposed to do 9 miles but there was no way I could go any longer, my legs hurt so bad. So I did 7 miles.

Dinner was olive’s pepperoni pizza fold.


So now you are caught up on the weekend!!


I’m Back!

Did you miss me much?

Sorry I was gone for a few days. Last minute relaxing, packing, moving back into the dorms etc. Will you ever forgive me?

Well a long time ago I said I had some Homemade Protein Drinks that we were given in my Sports Nutrition class and I said I would share them!


First off, milk contains casein and whey, that is what it is made of. A lot of you buy protein powders of this kind that cost a lot of money. If you have nothing against milk and like milk, then why spend more money on protein powders when you can just have milk! Especially because milk is the more natural form than the powders you buy.

The below information has come from Southeast Missouri Sports Nutrition Teacher Diana Duncan. She provided a handout with the following information.

Drink #1

Step 1: Alright here we go starting with the Base drink (can be consumed by itself or with add ins)

Pour 2 cups of skim/1% milk in a large cup or bottle and stir in 2/3 c dry(powdered) milk.

Protein: 36g
Carbohydrates: 44g
Kcal: 320g

cost: $0.90/per drink

Keynote: Adding carbohydrates to your protein drinks creates a “protein-sparing effect.” Meaning consuming carbohydrates after workouts allows your body to focus on using the protein you consume to build muscle instead of being used as energy. So add carbs and build MORE muscle!

Step 2: Add ins (boost CHO content to make a “recovery” drink which will boost your muscle recovery allowing you to have more energy for your next workout.

For a fruity flavored drink:
try adding 1 cup fruit juice ~ 30g CHO

total CHO in drink = 60g
total protein = 36g
cost = $1.22 per protein/recovery drink

If you love chocolate milk like I do then try chocolate milk on steroids!!
Add in
3 T chocolate syrup or Nesquick powder = 36g CHO

total CHO in Protein Drink = 66g
total protein = 36g
cost = $1.03 per protein recovery drink

Same thing if you like strawberry flavored milk. They have strawberry flavored syrup.

Drink #2

Protein Fruit Smoothies

1 1/2 c milk
1/3c dry milk
1 cup fruit juice
1 yogurt cup
1c frozen fruit

total protein: 27g
total carbohydrate: 90g
Cost ~$2.00 per serving


Posts to look forward to later today:

Recap of the last few days
Last week’s running recap

Today is also my first day challenging myself.


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Hope you all are having a wonderful day!