Tuesday’s Recap


First off, Monday’s running, since I was not able to log that.

4 miles in 33:23 @ 8:20 pace


mileage time
mile 1 8:24
mile 2 8:16
mile 3 8:14
mile 4 8:28



Wheaties Fuel!



I actually went running before lunch today 🙂

I had a 20 min hill workout

warmup: 1 mile @ 7:56 (yeah a bit fast wouldn’t you agree?)

2.51 miles of hills in 20 min @ 7:58 average
hill splits:

mileage time
.26 -up 1:50
.20 – down 1:36
.20 – up 1:29
.18 – down 1:32
.18 – up 1:23
.19 – down 1:33
.18 – up 1:24
.31(forgot to lap) – down & up 2:31
.15 – down 1:14
.14 – up 1:00
.14 – down 1:10
.14 – up 1:01
.25 – down 2:13

cooldown: 0.6 miles in 5:11 @ 8:38 pace



My legs have been hurting  a lot lately. Mainly my ankles. So I came back and iced with my FAVORITE ice wraps from Walgreens. They velcro to whatever adjusted tightness you like and you can walk around with them on.



Made a smoothie with strawberry yogurt, strawberries, mango and pineapple, as well as milk.


Let’s just say it wasn’t incredible because there was too much yogurt overpowering. It felt like I was just drinking strawberry yogurt. 😦


The other half of my subway spicy italian sandwich, with grapes and potato chips.


I had an epic fail in the kitchen as I tried to make girl scout tagalongs. Followed the recipe exact and the cookies came out looking like this


Yeah they weren’t supposed to expand at all and look at them. Those are not tagalongs. 😦 sad day


Went over to Alex’s house and we had ravioli. Sorry no picture. I forgot 😦
And we watched couples retreat!



Are there any blog challenges out there? I think I might start one. I’m awful when it comes to stretching and am thinking of doing a stretching challenge and possibly icing as well. I need to stretch and ice more.


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