Started the morning off by straightening the counter and family room. It was a dreary rainy morning and I didn’t have anything else to do so I thought I’d do that. I plan on making some “mock” tag along girl scout cookies sometime within the next few days.


For lunch my mom, dad and I went to Long John Silvers


and I got popcorn shrimp and fries.


Then we visited

bestbuy_logo Whole_Foods_Market_Inc._611200362836PM_company_logo costco

I got some more v8 fusion that my parents bought me and a honey graham zbar that I am going to try!

KU beat Kansas State. WHOO!!!

I visited with two friends from highschool, Wes and Astrid. We just sat and talked the whole time. It was nice to catch up and just talk about college life.


I came home and had leftover tuna casserole that my parents and brother ate a few days ago. The picture quality is bad, so I apologize.


It’s real yummy!!!

Oh and while I was cleaning I played with this man!

IMAG0073 IMAG0071


He’s so adorable!!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!



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