Last night’s dinner sure was a grease fest!!! But I will warn you that I only had a couple fries because they were soggy and gross. 😦

After dinner I did some hardcore studying and at 7pm Alex and I went to the Rec Center. He did some core work and studying after and I did 35 min of biking and studied while I biked.

After the 4 weeks of 35 miles per week and 2 workouts each week for the past 2 weeks, my body has physically been wiped out! It got to the point where running was so painful for me and I could not even lift my legs when doing it. So Krieger is cutting me back to 30 miles per week and just one workout each week but adding a progressive run in there. That makes me so much more relaxed because I feared I’d be burnt out for this:

My very first half marathon on April 11th in St Louis.

So I was able to take a day off for cross training. Because really at 30 miles per week, I have to take a day off with my 2 long runs each week, otherwise I would have 7 miles to split up between 3 days and that is a pointless workout.

So, Alas I did 8.29 miles on the bike in 35 minutes at resistance level 7. It says 3 but that was the cooldown. I also was going faster but I stopped pedaling to take the picture and it was counting down my speed hah.

I really hope you aren’t one of those girls who goes to the gym and uses it as a way to dress skanky. There were girls there with their shorts rolled like 4 times and basically giving them massive wedgies, or other girls with shorts too small and too tight to where they have to pick their shorts out of their butt constantly. Let’s just say going to the Rec Center makes me cringe! Or laugh, especially at the guys working out. Too funny.

Recap of last week’s running:

Pretty decent, sunday’s run was horrible obviously, but you give and take bad days for good.


Breakfast this morning was same as yesterdays so I will use the same picture:

Yesterday alex got mad because he was reading my blog and said “you didn’t show your vitamin!!!” So yesterday was my first day taking a multi-vitamin. All my nutrition teachers have said how a multi-vitamin would be a good idea. Alex’s teammate suggested one to him because he’s been so tired and fatigued during practice and the day. I have also been tired and around 1pm-3pm is major naptime for me because I literally can’t keep my eyes open.

Alex started taking a multi-vitamin a few weeks ago and says he felt a difference that day and also advised his mom to start taking them too. So after my horrible week of running and feeling fatigued, I decided to try them out.

Alex was definitely right, I felt great yesterday. I was not tired at all and didn’t even want to take my normal nap and instead I was able to do homework and study! Then I could stay up later without feeling like I’m fighting my body about it.

Obviously it could have just been other factors that made me feel this way so I won’t say it was the vitamin until I have gone more days feeling great. So far today I am feeling awake and not drowsy so we’ll see!

Things to do today:

  • 1 mile warmup, 2 x 10 min tempo, cooldown to 4 miles.
  • Relax!!!

Doesn’t that sound great! I took all of my tests already and now I just have to go to class the rest of the week and I’m home free. Plus my last class on friday got cancelled so I get to come home even earlier for Spring Break!!!

Have a great day!!