February Running Recap!

Since running is my basic passion, I thought I would start writing more about it. So each month at the end I will do a recap. YAY right?

February 2009 Recap:

I thought I’d start out with February 2009‘s log to compare.

Obviously no running was done in the month of February. If you are a new reader and don’t know about my surgery then you can read it here.

February 2010 Recap!

Frostbite 3 miler

Favorite workout:
Hill workout February 23rd

Fastest Run:
Frostbite 3 mile race = 3.04 Miles in 21:51 [7:11 per mile]
splits =
6:52, 7:23, 7:23

Longest Run:

8 Miles in 1:06:14 [8:16 per mile]
splits =

mile 1: 8:25
mile 2: 8:42
mile 3: 8:17
mile 4: 8:16
mile 5: 8:34
mile 6: 8:15
mile 7: 8:14
mile 8: 8:12

Most miles in a day:
10.31 on February 6th

Most memorable training run:
2/10/2010, 6.8 Miles in 58:11 [8:33 per mile]
I saw 4 deer and hung out with some cows. lol I had to stop on lexington because of my chest pain and I turned to the other side of the road and 8 cows were staring at me not moving.

I hope you enjoyed the recap. I didn’t really know what other topics to discuss from the month, so if you have other questions about the month of running let me know!!

Coming in posts later today:

week of running recap
weekend recap/daily post and giveaway announcement!

There’s still time to enter the giveaway!
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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Matt
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 13:57:43

    Great improvement in one year! You are a beast!


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