Peanut butter whole wheat bagel with a banana!


Gummy bears that my mom so graciously sent back with me to school!! 😀



Easy 5 miles.

I started using Dailymile because the colors are so exciting and it makes logging more fun! The total miles are not correct because I haven’t logged my January runs. I spent last night logging every run from February (since it is shortest) and am going to do January later on tonight.

Look forward to a february running recap!!! I’m going to start doing month recaps and maybe weekly ones to breakdown more detailed about my runs.

I got this idea from Jeri. I love reading her recaps!!


fruity cheerios

Beef chili, small slice of sausage pizza. Then I got a great idea!!

Chili mac!! If only there was sour cream, my life would’ve been complete!!

TV Shows:

I LOVE to spend my free time watching tv on my computer.

My two shows that I watch religiously are American Idol and One Tree Hill. Those are the ones on right now.

Some shows that are returning later are Glee!! and Drop Dead Diva, but also I love Big Brother UK and sometimes the US one.

This performance was one of my favorites!! Didi’s voice is so wonderful, at least doing this song.


Don’t forget my snacktaxi giveaway here

It will end March 8th!

Q: What is your favorite cereal?

Q: What shows are your favorites? What would you recommend me watching?

Q: Would you like to have more detailed running posts?

You can also ask me anything, go ahead!