Well today

has been pretty productive, if I might say so myself.


Was some Trader Joes’s almonds and some grapes 🙂

Then I went to class. After class I dropped off a reference sheet for one of my teachers to fill out so that I can be a Residence Assistant in the dorms next year.

Then I went to my next class early so I could get ahead on the reading.


Wasn’t very hungry so I had a few chicken strips and some fries. As well as v8 fusion!

I watched hollywood week of american idol and then got to work on my sports nutrition homework. Finished the one assignment and am taking a break before working on the other.

I should get my carbohydrate brochure back tomorrow, for all those curious to what it looked like.


Today I am actually going to try out Group Fitness Classes in the Rec Center for the first time. My friend Megan that I run with couldn’t run today because she’s busy all day and I knew she would run on the treadmills tonight so I asked what time she was going, since it’s more fun working out with someone. She said she was going to run after group fitness and so she invited me along! Tonight is body sculpt and crunchless abs. I’ll review the classes later 🙂 Then I’ll probably do an easy 3 miler, since monday’s are usually my off days for running, but since my mileage is upped to 35 miles for the week, i’d rather do more shorter runs than more longer.

Hope everyone’s day is good so far!

Update: I’m not sure why my links are adding my blog url in front of them? I just looked back at old posts and it does it to some and not others. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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