Catch up time!

So I exchanged my phone today and forgot to get the new pictures off of it, so unfortunately some of my eats will not be documented.

Shall we begin?


Friday I woke up and had a peanut butter bagel with some chocolate chips on it. I toasted the bagel so the chocolate chips and peanut butter melted into pure greatness!!

I of course had class until 11:50 and then had to rush to eat, so I was bad and got chicken tenders and cheesy tots. I know, I know but they are just soooo good!!

Then Alex and I drove Amanda to a meeting spot where her sister was picking her up and we drove the rest of the way home. I had my last race for the Frostbite series on Saturday. On my home I had to stop and pick up my NEW GLASSES!!!

Aren’t they just swell?!

For dinner we went to this really nice italian restaurant that I am IN LOVE with an would LOVE to go more often. It has great salad and tortellini! I didn’t have pictures because I was with alex’s dad and his sister. I took a picture on my phone but it is gone 😦


Woke up and had a nutella toast sandwich before my race. It was just a 3 miler.

Did 1.27 mile warm up

3.04 mile race: splits were 6:52, 7:23, 7:23

Did 2 miles cool down.

I got 2nd place in my age group and 1st in the series.

Then we drove to smoothie king! On the way there I got a phone call from Marathon Sports which is the store I did the Snowball Series through. I missed out on 2/5 races because of snow and illness so I wasn’t there for awards. He called me to tell me there was an award waiting to be picked up. We stopped by after smoothie king and low and behold I got 3rd place in the series!!

I just want to say that this is funny because I only seriously ran 2 races. 1 of the 3 I actually ran, I had to stop and take my shoes and pants off because i was overdressed. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!

Alex and I went home and finished watching dodgeball from the night before and ordered Philly Cheese Steak Pizza’s from Dominos.

nom nom!!

Then Alex had to do more running and so did I because I took Friday off because in my town it was snow city!! So we ran to the track 1.6 miles and then I ran a mile on the track while he did his work out and then ran back another 1.6 miles to equal 4.2 miles.

10.31 miles were ran on saturday wow!!


Went and did a long run with my friend megan and alex came too but didn’t run with us. We had to do 7 miles and ended up doing 7.06.

Mile 1: 9:00
mile 2: 9:10
mile 3: 8:51
mile 4: 8:41
mile 5: 8:42
mile 6: 8:43
mile 7: 8:31

We had a good time talking 🙂 Then we had to work a super bowl party for our Running Club. It was totally lame but mandatory. I guess it was campus’ way of a “Sober” bowl. Good concept, but not that many kids from our school don’t party/drink. I would’ve rather been doing my homework. If you haven’t found out, I am not the typical college kid. I don’t go to parties and I don’t drink. I basically just run and do homework…oh…and eat! 😀

Alright, I will fill you in tonight or tomorrow about my horrific monday.

Have a great evening!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 01:54:05

    congratulations!! you did so awesome 🙂 that peanut butter bagel sounds amazing!!



  2. Jenna
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 03:13:27

    Cheesy tots look yummm!


  3. healthyquirks
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 04:37:04

    Girl, you are a SPEED DEMON! Congrats!


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