Going home!

Class is over for the day. I have to go to some “wrap up” party at noon and then I am on my way home for the weekend!

Alex and I forgot we had a powerball ticket so we checked our numbers and won $4! We also won $9 in scratchers 🙂

We will be responsible and put only 10 dollars back in.

Which brings me to a new goal for the new year. I need to start keeping a log of how much I spend. I also need a job. I applied at Fazoli’s because I am so desperate for work haha. It wouldn’t be so bad.

Well, I will probably have a weekend update for you all later this weekend!


real quick, I decided to figure out what finals I NEED to study for based on my grades.

Sports in Society =high A, no need to study hard

Nutrition =85%, can’t get an A but have to get at least 70% to keep B.

Psychology = have to study my butt off and might be able to get an A

Sports in Movies = high A, no need to study

Relationships of 21st Century = A, but still need to study



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