I love when teachers are all “oh that was due yesterday” even though I know it was due today! Oh well. I have a 99% in my freshman seminar class that I’m sure a few points deducted won’t make a huge deal, considering the paper is only 12 points to start with.

on a good note! i raised my psychology grade from a 77% to an 85% I’m pretty excited about this.

This weekend I’m going home by myself and decorating the house with my family for christmas. I love this time of year. I wish I was home for it though. 😦 I do like the “seasons greetings” throughout our downtown cape area. It’s a nice scenery to run through.

That’s something I’m looking greatly forward to! Going home and running on trails and parks around the area. i took that for granted, we really had a lot of places to run around st louis and even o’fallon. Here…not so much. I do the same runs over and over. Winter break could not come sooner….sarcasm.

I have two papers due on thursday, so that’s what i’ll be doing all tomorrow because currently I just want to watch glee and biggest loser. So I hope everyone has a great night!


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  1. tropicaleats
    Dec 04, 2009 @ 02:05:00

    Christmas is the best time of year 🙂 wahooo for winter break!


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