It’s almost Thanksgiving Break! I could not be more relieved! Studied all weekend for my nutrition test that I just took. So glad I studied because otherwise I know I would have bombed it so horribly. I don’t think I got an A because she makes her multiple choice worth 2 points each, but I think I got at least a B. That’s all I wanted. The last test I didn’t study for and I got a 64! So I just need a high test grade to bring my grade back up.

Tomorrow I have a psychology test, so of course I will be spending part of today devoted to reading and studying the development of adolescence.

Here is my weekly agenda!

Monday: Nutrition test, study for psychology, run 4 miles.

Tuesday: Psychology test, no running, leave to go home!!!! Spend the night at Haley’s.

Wednesday: Wake up at 3:45-3:50 AM for the annual 4:20 run, where we run 4.2 miles then go to Coach Delgado’s for breakfast! Then I have to interview Haley for psychology and go home and pick out fruit for the fruit salad for thanksgiving/spend time with the family. Alex will then pick me up that night to stay at his house.

Thursday: Kirkwood/Webster Turkey Trot 5k. Have to run 4 miles total for the day. Then Alex gets to come to my grandparent’s house in St. Louis for Thanksgiving 🙂 I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. Then I get to go back home and spend more time with my family. Also have to interview my grandmother for psychology.

Friday: Alex will pick me up in the afternoon and we’ll drive down to his family’s farm. Run 5 miles.

Saturday: Farm still and 2.8 miles.

Sunday: Leave farm around the afternoon and come back to cape. Run 4 or 5 miles.

WHOO! What a long and busy week!

All I can say, is that I am super excited to go home and spend time with all my friends and loved ones!


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