Goals for Christmas Break

I get a whole month off school to be at home with my wonderful family. I decided that instead of relaxing the whole break, that there are some things that should be done before the new year approaches.

  • Clean bedroom and get rid of all stuff I do not need/want and donate it. (Perfect for the christmas spirit!)
  • Finish New Moon. (For some reason I can not get into the books, but maybe it’ll get better. I like reading the books before watching the movies)
  • lots and lots of baking!! Try new recipes. (I used to bake a lot, in fact I wanted my own bakery, but knew that’d be costly. So I decided to be a Family Consumer Science Education major so I can not only coach cross country and track, but bake and cook as well as have time for my own running and summers off! Perfect!!!)
  • Decorate the house in it’s Christmas Attire and possibly host a Christmas Party or plan one.
  • Don’t wait til the last minute for gifts and try to save money by making gifts.
  • Christmas Cards!! Now’s the time for letting others know how much they are appreciated. It’s hard maintaining relationships and friendships within the family and with friends when at college.


I’m also going to start making my goals for the New Year which will also include second semester of school

  • Study harder and not last minute
  • Apply for RA position
  • Find a job (on campus preferably)
  • Run half marathon (Thinking about the Lewis and Clark half in April and also the Rock n Roll half in Chicago in August)
  • Train hard and train smart
  • new PR’s. would like to get to the 22’s for a 5k and in 21’s by the end of the year.
  • Read more (I love reading but always feel like I’m doing wrong when I’m reading for fun when I should be reading a textbook)

I’ll add more as they come to mind. In fact I will make a  new tab to keep track of my goals.

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