10k recap

Yesterday i ran my second 10k ever. I had a goal to go sub 50 minutes. My first 10k I ran a 52:54, so in my mind I was thinking, “there’s no way you can run sub 50.” But I went for it anyway. The race was in a small town but they gave sweatshirts out instead of t shirts or long sleeves. Definitely my favorite part!! I can say I most likely will not do the race again in the previous years to come because it took over 2 hours for the awards ceremony to start and to hand out awards.

We started the race and alex was going to bandit run with me. The starter came up to him and asked if he was registered and he said, “no, i’m just talking to her” So he decided to run up a ways and meet me later in the race.

I notice that in a 5k my second mile is always the slowest because I guess I fall asleep. So of course in my 10k my 2nd and 5th mile were the slowest. But there was also a hill during this part of the course.

Splits for the race:

Mile 1: 7:28

Mile 2: 8:02

Mile 3: 7:47

Mile 4: 7:59

Mile 5: 8:27

Mile 6: 7:58

.27: 1:46

The 5th mile I was having major anxiety and trouble breathing, but I just had to relax and control it and realize that I was so close to being done. Oh and the 5k time from this was only 9 seconds off my PR for my 5k. Can’t wait to see what I’ll do thursday for the turkey trot. I’m thinking a new PR!

Have a great day! Hopefully I’ll be blogging more frequently. Not like anyone really reads anyway ha.


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