Back at SEMO. Had thursday all the way through monday off. Saturday their power went out as well as the water because our water pump I guess runs on electricity. Therefore I got to stay at home longer : )

We bought Band Hero so we could rock out to some T-Swift, she’s so wonderful lol.

I have to write a paper tonight but it’s just one page. Then I have to watch Supersize Me and Breakfast Club for class assignments.

Today we got Subway 🙂

State this weekend was crazy! 67 runners were treated by meds by overexhaustion and that was just the ones treated by the meds. There were so many others carried off by their parents. It was scary!!! There were runners crawling to the finish line. One girl led her race for 3 miles and then collapsed at the hill to the finish and ended up finishing 15th. A lot of runners were moving their arms and thought they were going really fast but they were really going walking speed. It was really sad.

State last year was in the 30’s! This year it got up to 84 degrees. Runners were not hydrated enough.

I took yesterday and today off running because my legs were extremely sore! I have a race on saturday, hopefully I’ll have pictures for you all afterwards.

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