First post

I wanted to have something to document what I eat as well as my runs. I use to log my runs, but would like to actually blog about them and put pictures as well as talk about the food I’m eating. This might help me figure out why some days feel better than others. Today was an off day however so I have nothing to log running wise. I can, however log the food I ate today which was not very good. Hopefully I will start eating healthier, but it’s quite hard to do that when you are eating college food. =(

Breakfast: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie and Snickerdoodle Cookie

Lunch: Taco Salad

Dinner: Imo’s Pizza, alex ate the outside pieces and I ate the insides of an XL imo’s pizza.

Tomorrow I will have a more exciting entry, but I really must study for my nutrition test tomorrow.

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